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Part One- Testimony from a Ria Health Member

This is a specific account of one person’s real experience with Ria Health.  Individual results may vary.

In Jan’s words: Why I worked with Ria Health for 2 months.

Jan is a working mom in her 40s who is currently getting her master’s. She has generously provided us with a first-hand account of her experiences with alcohol consumption, discussing what allowed her to decrease drinking and regain a healthy lifestyle over the course of two months (all names have been changed to protect the privacy of Ria Health members).

Jan first addressed how she began to recognize symptoms of problem drinking manifesting in her daily life.

“At the time, I was unemployed and realized I was drinking too much in my opinion. Not in my friends’ opinion, I’ll say, because there is a lot of ‘Mom’ drinking going on out there.  Drinks at lunch and in the afternoon at each other’s homes were pretty common. My drinking was normal for a long time; I would have 1-2 glasses of wine or beer a night. Then I caught myself opening a bottle of wine in the middle of the afternoon and realized I might be about to lose control.  I also noticed I was feeling anxious and depressed every day.  No job, feeling sad and drinking more – a recipe for disaster.”

Jan identified the ways her own family history affected her drinking, allowing her  to recognize the patterns she was vulnerable to and led her to seek treatment options.

“My dad used to drink a lot but it was normal in my culture to go out and drink every night. We all had concerns about him as he got older. He would fall and his health really suffered.  Because I have this history in my family, I got concerned I was drinking too much in order to relax and make myself feel better.  I was worried I was not going in the right direction and could become alcoholic.

I searched on line for help and decided to join Ria Health mainly because of its convenience. I didn’t want to have to go somewhere or show my face to other people. And, I believe in technology and appreciate how Ria uses technology to help people. I think it’s the next generation of health care.”

As a member of Ria Health, Jan discussed the ways in which the program addressed her concerns and needs; how Ria Health worked with her to bring her alcohol use back to normal.

“Ria uses breathalyzers so you can measure your actual blood alcohol level. This opened my eyes to how much I was drinking. I saw how much alcohol was still in my system after a night of drinking– the next day I was still quite drunk and would drive my kids to school.

Also, talking to the Ria Health doctor helped me understand what was going on with my brain, how addiction works and how I could change my habits.  The medication gave me a break from the cravings so I could build new habits. It was emotionally hard for a couple of weeks but the early results kept me going.”

After Ria: Where Jan is now.

“Now I realize that drinking is something I have to control to stay on a healthy path. I’m not on medication anymore but continue the healthy habits I replaced the drinking with. I have committed to exercising 3-4 times a week and take a meditation class once a week. I’ve also gotten more selective with my friends.

I still have 1-2 drinks occasionally but that’s it. Most of us start drinking because of life situations. Maybe at some point in my life I’ll find I can’t drink at all but for now I’m doing great. I believe we can rewire our brains to get pleasure from other things than alcohol so we don’t become alcoholic.”


Look out for another member’s shared experience, coming later this week!

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