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This is a specific account of one person’s real experience with Ria Health. Individual results may vary.

Pamela is a mom in her mid-50s, and project manager for a tech firm. The following describes her personal account of what led her to Ria Health, and her experience with the program (All names have been changed to protect the privacy of Ria Health members).

I knew I needed to make a change when I realized that something outside of myself, wine was dictating my actions.

It crept up on me. Looking back at a typical day, I see how alcohol was able to take over.  It was the one thing I did to relax.

I get up early, work full-time at a stressful job in the technology industry. Then I go to the gym, head home to cook with my family, clean up and head into my office to work on bills, paperwork, help the kids with college prep. Wine became my little treat, the one thing I did to relax. Did I ever allow myself time for yoga or reading or other types of relaxation? No! I did nothing that truly counted as self-care.

I would have loved to stop at 1 or 2 glasses or limit my drinking to 1 or 2 nights a week, but more and more I couldn’t stop. It’s hard to say but I often drank more than a bottle of wine a night. Luckily I never really liked hard alcohol. I don’t think many people noticed I was drinking so much because I was pretty well under control in social situations and work events. I mainly drank at home.

After years of this behavior, I got scared. I had to be honest with myself and look at the impact excessive drinking was having on my body.

I put on weight

I’ve always been naturally slim but had started to put on weight. Heading into my 50s, I wanted to focus on better health for the long run. I wanted to take my fitness to the next level but realized if I was too tired in the morning from too much wine, a gym trip wasn’t going to happen.

Alcohol abuse is linked to health problems

I had a cancer scare and began educating myself about how nutrition and the environment impacted cancer risk. I started to use natural cleaning products and cosmetics. I ate organic produce. I got a real wake up call when I read that doctors recommended no more than 6 drinks a week for women.

I was using alcohol to soothe tough emotions  

I have a teenaged daughter and realized I was turning to alcohol to deal with the stress around her erratic behavior. As common as it may be, it is incredibly painful to see your child suffer or become hostile as a teenager.  I desperately wanted to set a good example for her of long-term health. And I couldn’t be clear-headed, kind and mindful if I used wine to help me get through the sadness and anxiety.

Why I work with Ria Health

I have alcoholism in my family so I probably have the propensity to become addicted.  But even though my father is in AA and I respect the program, I didn’t want to completely abstain. Also, I’m a very private person and don’t feel like sharing personal information with a large group of people I don’t know — or even everyone in my family.

I am very grateful I found Ria Health online. With the help of coaching, medication and the tremendous amount of information I learned from Dr. Mendelson, I have been able to moderate my drinking. I can stop at 1 or 2 glasses of wine and only drink on special occasions. I feel like I am back on a healthier, more positive track.


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