5 Drinks to Avoid on a Diet

Last Updated on July 31, 2019

Millions of people use diets which assigns a number of points to different foods, depending on the amount of sugar and fat. (Most vegetables have zero points, and can be eaten in unlimited quantities.)

The Five “Deadly” Drinks

Obviously wine, light beer, and spirits with light mixers are ideal. (A vodka and seltzer with a lime wedge carries just 3 points.) Ingredients such as triple sec, syrups, juices, and (especially) ice cream rack up points very quickly. For someone on a 23-point daily allotment, drinking any of the below will put a weight-loss plan in peril.

Mai Tai (11)

Pina Colada (16)

Margarita (17)

Long Island Iced Tea (18)

Mudslide (24)

No, drinking one of these likely won’t be the end of the world, but just one of each will vacuum up daily point allotments in an instant. The last one on the list will basically devour an entire day’s points—which is fine for those who want to spend the rest of the day eating carrots and celery.

Which Drinks Have the Most Points?

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Points diets allow users a certain number of points based on age, height, weight, and exercise. As an example, a 45-year-old woman, 5’4” tall who weighs 150 pounds and exercises moderately, can eat food totaling 24 points every day if she wants to lose 20 pounds.

Ria Health can help people change their relationship with alcohol so they can remove the barriers to achieving their weight-loss goals more easily, and with less stress. When working with members, Ria’s counselors take all goals into consideration. Those who choose an alcoholic beverage now and then can do so, but with greater knowledge of the caloric consequences.

5 drinks to avoid on a diet
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5 drinks to avoid on a diet
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