Struggling with Alcohol Dependence? Don’t Go to AA, Go Online

Last Updated on October 19, 2021

We live in an age of informational self-empowerment. When you want the answer to a pressing question or problem, where do you look first? Many of us turn to the web for helpful tips, solutions, and guidance. And it helps if we know and trust the authenticity and usefulness of that information. Today, we can even have virtual consultations with skilled, experienced medical practitioners, a phenomenon known as telemedicine. If you’re concerned about your current drinking habits, you don’t have to go to AA for help; you can simply go online, thanks to Ria Health’s telemedicine options.

How Telemedicine Works

Telemedicine is more flexible, more convenient—and often more effective—than traditional treatments like rehab or AA.
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Telemedicine is the use of remote technology to bring clinical health care services to individuals. The technology in question can be any combination of phone communications, video media, or online data exchange. Just about any non-invasive care you might receive through an in-person consultation can be achieved just as easily through a remote consultation. Modern app technology enhances the value of telemedicine by allowing you to relay vital signs or other useful medical data to your doctor in real time.

As valuable as telemedicine is for a variety of situations in which patients don’t have easy access to doctors, it can be an absolute revolution when it comes to helping people cut down on their drinking or steer clear of alcohol altogether. The old, desperate measure of waiting for someone to hit rock bottom invites all kinds of unnecessary—and possibly fatal—devastation. Rehab stays and constant AA meetings take up enormous chunks of time and energy. They also tend to promote complete abstinence from alcohol, so they’re no help if you’re trying to drink moderately instead of compulsively.

By contrast, telemedicine makes all the tools and guidance you need available to you in the privacy of your own home. You can modify your approach to drinking on your own terms and on your own schedule. You don’t have to check yourself into a facility, subscribe to detailed rules, or simply “white-knuckle it” and hope for the best. Whether you want to drop your drinking habit completely or you’d simply like more control over how much you drink, this technology is purely at your service.

Ria Health, Pharmacotherapy, and Telemedicine: A Winning Combination

How does Ria Health put telemedicine to work helping you control alcohol consumption? Like any responsible path toward this goal, our program relies on well-established, medically-sound methods and principles. For example, one medication-assisted option available to members of Ria Health is something called The Sinclair Method, which involves the use of the FDA-approved medication naltrexone to block opioid receptors in the brain. This effect eliminates the pleasurable “buzz” that makes alcohol so addictive.

Where does the technology come in? For starters, you can connect to our medical team and create your personalized care plan remotely, on your smartphone. We’ll even provide you with a Bluetooth-ready electronic breathalyzer so you can see whether your alcohol level lines up with how much you think you’ve had. We can then use that data to track your progress and note how your drinking habits are changing. We can prescribe medication as needed to help you gain a new degree of control over your drinking. Meanwhile, ongoing online coaching and counseling helps you stay on your plan and address any concerns or questions you may have along the way.

Better Living Through Technology

Ria Health’s telemedicine program not only makes it easier and more convenient than ever to quit drinking or reduce your drinking habits—it also puts all the control in your own two hands. Just as a program like Weight Watchers gives participants a genuine a sense of pride, accomplishment, and achievement, our program empowers you to create and maintain the lifestyle you want. Think about all the not-so-critical tasks you rely on the internet for in this day and age. Doesn’t it make even more sense to use those digital technologies to help you feel well, control your behavior, and get the most out of your life?

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