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Do you want to change your relationship with alcohol so that you drink less, or less often? You can with Ria Health’s support. From the security and comfort of your home, you can access the telehealth platform. It includes digital tools, medication, and a counseling program tailored to your needs and personal goals—and it’s backed by science.

There’s a Spectrum of Alcohol Use

With Ria Health, you can drink less without having to quit alcohol altogether.
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A lot exists between all and nothing. Similarly, there’s a spectrum of alcohol intake, from complete abstinence to unfettered consumption. And you can choose where along that continuum you want to put your relationship with alcohol.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2017:

  • Slightly more than half of Americans aged 12 years or older drank any alcohol in the past month.
  • Almost a quarter of those 12 or older binge drank in the past month.
  • About 12 percent of current drinkers were considered heavy alcohol users.
  • The prevalence of drinking rose slightly from 2016 to 2017.

Clinicians tend to assess whether you meet diagnostic criteria of alcohol use disorder, or AUD. Drinking more than intended, developing a tolerance to alcohol, and having alcohol interfere with other areas of one’s life are all potential signs of an AUD. About 14.5 million Americans have an AUD.

But even if you’re not technically a “heavy” drinker, you may still drink more than you’d like. The question isn’t, “Do I have a drinking problem?” It’s, “How much do I want to drink?” Your answer could be that you don’t want to drink any alcohol. Your answer might be that you don’t want to drink every day. Maybe you want to drink half the amount of alcohol that you currently do. Figuring out the answer that works in your life moves you closer to gaining control over alcohol.

Conventional Approaches Have Severe Limitations

In 2015, only about 6.7 percent of the millions of adults who had AUD received treatment. And most of that small percentage of people used 12-step programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous, or rehab facilities. These methods are abstinence-based, leaving no room for those who want to drink more moderately, or those who want to be able to drink an occasional glass without worrying that they’ve failed. Abstinence-only approaches may work for some, but not for all. In fact, one researcher estimated AA members’ long-term abstinence rate to be somewhere between 5 and 8 percent.

Ria Health Helps You Drink Less

An alternative is available that is based on evidence-based approaches backed by science, made possible through modern technology. That alternative is Ria Health. It’s is a comprehensive telemedicine platform for anyone who wants to drink less alcohol or quit drinking altogether. On average, Ria members reduce their drinking by 70 percent within the first 6 months.

How Does Ria Work?

  • You do everything from the comfort of your home or wherever you choose, through phone and video using the secure HIPAA-compliant Ria app.
  • A medical team prescribes FDA-approved medications proven to reduce binges and alcohol cravings.
  • You receive one-on-one expert coaching and counseling to help develop your care plan and reach your goals.
  • The Ria app comes with digital tools to track and measure your progress.
  • You can participate in optional peer group meetings.

Why Does Ria Work?

You are not alone, yet your path is uniquely yours. That’s why Ria follows the latest scientific findings, which suggest that people who want to reduce their drinking develop personal goals, rather than adhere to those of a program. Using medication in combination with other interventions like coaching or psychotherapy lowers the chance of relapse. Several medications that Ria uses—like naltrexone, baclofen, and gabapentin—have proven effective at reducing in drinking and prolonging periods of abstinence.

If people are able to stem their addictions to food or sex without quitting those things altogether, then why can’t they do the same with alcohol? The answer is they can. And that’s Ria’s mission.

Whichever path you choose—whether drinking less or not at all—Ria will work with you to renegotiate the terms of your relationship with alcohol. Get started today.

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