6 Apps That Can Help You Drink Less Alcohol

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We’ve come to rely on smartphones for nearly everything—from productivity management, to hailing a taxi. While there are many approaches to drinking less alcohol, in this day and age you may be asking yourself “is there an app for that?” Yes: As it turns out, there are a number of them. Whether you’re looking for a new way to monitor your drinking, full-scale rehab from home, or access to a larger community, there are now a number of excellent digital options. Here are six strong picks for apps that can help you reduce or quit drinking (arranged in no particular order).

1. BACTrack

apps to quit drinking
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BAC stands for blood alcohol concentration, commonly used to measure a person’s level of intoxication. With so many variables at play—from body weight to rate of consumption—it can be hard to know when you’re above the legal limit of 0.08 percent. BACTrack can let you know where you stand. Simply blow into the Bluetooth-enabled digital breathalyzer, and the app will tell you your exact level. This can help you keep track of how much you are drinking, and remind you when to slow down. BACTrack has received positive reviews, and is available for both iOS and Android phones.

2. Quit That!

Whether you’d like to stop drinking alcohol entirely, or just want to cut back, knowing how long it’s been since your last drink can be very helpful. Quit That! is a simple, straightforward way to do just that. Available through the iTunes App Store, Quit That! is more than just a drinking tracker; it can help you monitor caffeine intake, smoking, or any other habit you wish to reign in. The app provides you with detailed, down-to-the-minute counters for how long you’ve gone. It even estimates how much money your habit is costing you per day. Quit That! has gotten positive reviews as a mental health app, and is available for iOS systems.

3. Sobriety Counter

For Android users, Sobriety Counter is another habit-tracking app—this one specifically focused on alcohol intake. Watching the number of days you’ve spent without drinking add up can be a powerful positive motivator—just as having to start over from scratch can be a powerful negative one! The Sobriety Counter app includes a journal to help you record your progress, experiences, and insights. There’s even a “relapse assistant” if you find yourself struggling. This app can be an effective way to reinforce newer, healthier habits, and is available through the Google Play Store.

4. I Am Sober

Another Android app, I Am Sober, combines a sobriety tracker with social networking and informational guides. App users can make personal pledges, track goals, and set reminders. They can also record journal entries, and share them with a larger community as they please. The social networking function lets you communicate with others facing the same challenges, and exchange tips and support. I Am Sober even includes a withdrawal timeline to help you prepare for the ups and downs, and take good care of yourself. The app has received many positive reviews from users, who find that having the support of a larger community helps them stick to their goals.

5. Sober Grid

apps to quit drinking
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Available for both iOS and Android devices, Sober Grid is a powerful bundle of features to help you build and maintain an alcohol-free lifestyle. Sober Grid lets you connect with a larger sober community by creating a personalized profile and posting journal entries, photos, and videos. You can also save “sober buddies” to your app, track your sobriety, and get instant support from other members whenever you feel you need it. Sober Grid has gotten a lot of positive attention, and can be a great alternative to social networking for people who no longer want to include alcohol in their lives.

6. Ria Health

Yes, Ria Health has an app. Our mobile telemedicine program combines many of the above features with access to doctors, coaches, and medication to help you quit or reduce your drinking. Ria’s program features online group meetings, 24/7 access to professional support, and even a breathalyzer with digital tools to track your progress. It’s a holistic, all-in-one solution for a better relationship with alcohol—all accessible from your smartphone.

Our app is available for iOS and Android when you set up a free, no-obligation account. Try it out today!

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