During those dog days of summer, heat is a constant. Whether you’re traveling, lying poolside, or having an outdoor dinner party, it’s important to stay hydrated in the summer. But while many people might reach for a cold beer, or even a canned cocktail, there are better options than grabbing a chilled adult beverage on a hot August day.

Why Do People Drink More in the Summer?

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Research has found that, besides the winter holidays, summer is the most popular time to drink alcohol1. Even if you have to work, most people see summertime as an opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy the warm weather. From weddings, to outdoor parties, to the Fourth of July, this season is full of alcohol-fueled events and holidays.

Peer pressure seems to play a huge role in summer drinking habits. Along with that, alcohol is seen as an easy way to unwind. But while self-care and relaxation are important, you don’t need to overindulge in alcohol to enjoy some cool refreshment this summer.

6 Hacks for Drinking Less This Summer

If you want to drink less in the summer while still cooling off and quenching your thirst, here are some other options to keep you hydrated.

1. Dilute Your Adult Beverages

When cutting back your alcohol intake, you may be more successful if you allow yourself a mindful and responsible adult beverage now and again. Instead of hitting the hard stuff, try diluting your drinks. Add soda or sparkling water to your cocktails. Ask for a half shot in your drink instead of a full shot. You’ll still enjoy the event while consuming less alcohol.

2. Discover Some Delicious Mocktails

Whether at brunch or a fancy summer soiree, drinking themed cocktails is fun. However, if you’re trying to drink less, there are plenty of mocktail recipes so tasty that you won’t miss the liquor. From virgin margaritas to sober sangrias, say bye-bye to booze and try sipping on an alcohol alternative.

3. Find Your Favorite Flavored Sparkling Water

The flavored sparkling water craze is in full swing. La Croix, Bubly, and more line row upon row of supermarket shelves. Instead of reaching for wine with your dinner, pour yourself some flavored sparkling water in a festive wine glass and sip on it while you socialize.

4. Unwind With Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is not an alcohol substitute—it’s an experience unto itself. The very act of holding a warm mug of tea is enough to melt your troubles away. While it may seem counterintuitive to drink something warm on a hot summer day, a hot drink may actually cool you down more effectively than a chilled beverage under the right conditions2.

5. Alternate With Water

One tried and true way to cut back on drinking and stay hydrated is to alternate each adult beverage with a cool glass of water. Be sure to take your time and finish the whole glass before drinking more alcohol.

6. Satisfy Your Thirst With Frozen Fruit

Icy snacks like frozen fruit can quench your thirst far better than alcohol. Freeze lemon juice for some tart ice cubes to throw in your water. Or, toss your favorite berries or grapes into the freezer for a refreshing sweet treat.

Avoid Over-Drinking This Summer With Ria Health

If your goal is to drink less this summer, Ria Health can help. We offer a modern, practical approach to changing your drinking habits. Our online program combines anti-craving medications and weekly coaching to help you gradually reduce your alcohol intake or quit drinking altogether—all from an app on your phone


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