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Motivational speakers sometimes ask the question, “What’s your ‘why?’” Your “why” is a statement of purpose, or a reason that motivates you to persist through challenges and setbacks in life. The same concept applies to quitting or cutting back on drinking. Many people believe you need a powerful motivator—a reason why you should quit drinking alcohol.

In this post, we’ll share some simple, everyday reasons to stop drinking alcohol that don’t require you to face a crisis or hit rock bottom. We’ll also discuss whether it’s really necessary to have a reason at all. What if you just want to quit?

9 Reasons to Stop Drinking

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There are plenty of good reasons to give up alcohol, and they don’t have to be hugely significant. Do one or several of the following reasons appeal to you? What could your life look and feel like without alcohol?

1. Save Money

Nights out aren’t cheap, and neither is alcohol—even if you’re drinking it at home. Cutting back or quitting can save you a significant amount of money over time.

Try this alcohol spending calculator to find out how much money you could save.

2. Enhance Relationships

Have you ever argued with loved ones over your drinking habits? Or missed out on being truly present because you were drunk or hungover? Imagine how much the quality of your relationships would improve without alcohol.

Plus, you might form new and better friendships. When you think about it, are some of your relationships based mostly on a shared drinking habit? If so, quitting can help you find more meaningful friendships rooted in deeper connection and healthy activities.

3. Feel Better

When you drink less, you feel better. Alcohol gives you a temporary rush of euphoria, but it often leads to feelings of anxiety or depression later. And if you were drinking to distract yourself from problems, those problems will likely seem even bigger when they come rushing back.

Without alcohol, you can experience more balanced moods and increased overall well-being. In addition, you can learn to manage your emotions in healthy ways instead of burying them.

4. Lose Weight

Alcohol is full of empty calories that cause weight gain. Mixers like soda and fruit drinks are generally high in sugar and calories too.

Drinking can also slow your fat metabolism and increase your appetite for high-calorie foods, causing you to overindulge. When you’re feeling sluggish or fatigued from drinking, you’re much less likely to exercise. For these reasons, limiting alcohol makes it easier to lose weight.

5. Sleep Better

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Do you ever have trouble getting restful sleep? It could be because alcohol is linked to poor sleep quality and duration.

Alcohol is also known to worsen problems with sleep apnea, and people with alcohol use disorders commonly suffer from insomnia. Without alcohol, you’ll have better sleep and more energy.

6. Solve Problems

When you drink less alcohol, you’ll find that you have clearer thinking and a more focused perspective. And since you’re no longer masking your problems with a substance, you can do the work of solving them and making genuine improvements in your life.

7. Improve Long-Term Health

Alcohol is associated with a wide range of health problems1. These include high blood pressure, heart disease, many types of cancer, liver disease, stroke, digestive problems, learning and memory issues, and more. Limiting your drinking can help you live a healthier, longer life.

8. Eliminate Hangovers

Hangovers are highly unpleasant. Symptoms typically consist of nausea, headache, light sensitivity, sweating, dehydration, and feeling tired or weak2. For many people, hangovers are also accompanied by anxiety.

Saying goodbye to alcohol also means saying goodbye to hangovers, and hello to more enjoyable, productive days.

9. Have More Fun

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You definitely don’t need alcohol to have fun! Once you’re drinking less, you’ll discover fun, sober activities that you enjoy more than you might expect. Less time feeling hungover or sick also means more time to enjoy these new hobbies.

Without the influence of alcohol, you’ll be more in tune with your experiences and the people around you—and you’ll remember more of the fun times you have.

Do You Need a Reason?

When you cut back on alcohol or quit entirely, you’ll likely feel better, look better, and do better in just about every aspect of life—from finances, to relationships, to your career. But you don’t truly need a list of reasons to quit drinking. If you want to give it a try, that’s reason enough!

Maybe you just feel that alcohol is negatively contributing to your life, or at least not adding any value. Or you feel poorly about your relationship with alcohol. Perhaps you’re even just curious about whether you can quit, and how life might be different if you do.

If you’re ready to cut back on alcohol, for any reason or for no reason at all, Ria Health can help. You can choose whether you want to moderate or stop completely, and we’ll design a custom plan for your needs. Best of all, you can access everything you need, from expert medical advice to coaching, from an app on your smartphone.


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