The decision to work on ourselves is a decision to face our deepest fears—our most painful truths. Accepting alcohol is running your life can be frightening. For many it takes a crisis like a DUI, divorce, or serious health complications to accept help and AA or rehab become the only options. Our treatment embraces technology, medication, and experience to help you decide if you want to stop or simply reduce your drinking.

Ria Health is intended for alcoholics or anyone who would rather drink less, from people who tend to have a few too many at parties, to people who drink a bottle of liquor every day. The idea is to change problematic drinking habits before they get out of hand.

What to Expect Over Time


  • Sign up and choose appointment time
  • Our Physician calls you: discuss personal goals
  • Use app daily: measure alcohol use before changing habits

Week 1: Begin Treatment

  • Second Physician consult; get prescription
  • Start meds to reduce craving
  • Coach calls to help you get started
  • Use app to watch alcohol use drop

Month 1: Track Progress

  • Monitor energy levels, BAC, drinking patterns
  • Texting with Coach on goals, techniques, and progress
  • Sharing changes with family and friends
  • Third Physician consult: checking progress and meds

Drinking less than half what I used to drink on a usual day. I should cut down some more… but already feeling so much better. Waking up in the morning without a full bottle headache to take to work is a wonderful new normal. *Results may vary

-Anne J.

Month 3: Approaching Goals

  • Members often begin to approach their goals *Results may vary
  • Ria app tracks progress
  • Physician adjusts treatment as needed
  • Coach helps build healthy habits

… parties are way different. Now, the first drink feels like the first drink did before … but the second drink gives less of a buzz … and the third drink feels like having lemonade. So why drink more? *Results may vary


Month 6: Establishing Lasting Behaviors

  • Members work with coaches to tackle slips or setbacks *Results may vary
  • Ria app raises timely alerts to your physician and coach team
  • Prior objective results bolster confidence and factor into physician treatment decisions
  • Coach helps understand triggers and return to healthy habits

My coach made the difference. She helped me through rough spots, gave motivation, and helped come up with ideas. Following the app twice a day was the other key. *Results may vary

-Steve J.

One Year and Beyond

  • Members focus on long term goals *Results may vary
  • Some members shift to maintenance program
  • Some members opt for abstinence
  • Ria Health is always available to help


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