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While the decision to adopt a sober lifestyle is certainly to be applauded, you can expect some challenges along the way, and sober dating may be one of them. The unavoidable truth is that socializing at bars and parties where alcohol flows freely is still a popular way to meet new people and potential partners. 

Unfortunately, sober singles know these scenes are full of landmines and triggers. You may get that sinking feeling in your stomach when you hear “Let me buy you a drink,” and repeatedly explaining that you don’t drink can be exhausting!

Sober dating can also look and feel very different when you’re newly sober. You may have previously relied on alcohol to help you relax, feel less anxious, and socialize more freely. Dating without liquid courage may seem daunting. Your potential dates may not understand the challenges and rewards of a sober lifestyle. And the last thing you are looking for is to date someone who has a drinking problem.

The good news is there are better alternatives! There are ways to connect with others who are on a similar journey. Today there are dating apps specifically for sober singles and general dating apps that allow you to filter your preferences. Below, we have provided a list of some of the best dating apps for sober singles. Each sober dating app has unique features that will help you determine the right option(s) for you.

Eight Sober Dating Apps

1. Loosid

This app helps sober singles connect and interact so they can work towards and practice sobriety together. It kills two birds with one stone! Here you will find a sobriety tracker that offers daily health checks, weekly reports, and daily assignments. You will also have access to community chat groups, and sober groups which allow you to connect with other like-minded people and share milestones. You can download Loosid to Android, iPhone, and iPad.

        2. Clean and Sober Love (CASL)

        This free app will connect you with other sober singles in your area. You can create a profile and start swiping potential matches. There is also a premium ad-free version for a cost. This app prides itself on removing the guesswork and anxiety of typical dating sites as people who utilize it are only interested in sober dating. It is available in the App Store.

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        3. Single and Sober

        This sober dating site allows you to create a profile and view other profiles for free. It offers an established recovery community and reports that new sober singles are signing up daily. If you are interested in sending and receiving messages from other members on this sober dating site, there are flexible sober dating memberships available. You can sign up on your PC or Mac.

        4. Hinge

        Though Hinge is not just for those in sobriety, profiles allow you to share whether or not you drink. This can help you filter out undesirable matches based on their drinking habits. Hinge offers a very large user base, which may be an advantage over newer apps. This app can be a good option for those who are sober curious but not yet into full sobriety.  Some features include detailed profiles, proven prompts, and reply reminders. You can download it to your Android, iPhone, and iPad.

        5. MeetMindful

        MeetMindful’s mission is to connect people who strive for mindful, healthy lives. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean sobriety, the likelihood of meeting someone sober here is greater than on general dating sites. This app does require a paid subscription to message others. You can download MeetMindful for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

        6. Sober Grid

        Sober Grid doesn’t focus specifically on dating, but its purpose is to connect those in sobriety. Here you can converse with a community of like-minded individuals. Sober Grid offers tools like a sobriety counter, check-ins, and quests to help you manage your path to sobriety. The community is also based on your location so you can connect with people who live nearby. You can download Sober Grid for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

        7. The Phoenix

        While also not classified as a dating app, The Phoenix provides a unique approach to meeting others. This app enables you to connect with other sober people through events. In addition to connecting through classes and events, you can join interest groups and meet others with whom you have something in common. You can download The Phoenix to Android, iPhone, and iPad.


        Match is another general dating site, but with its numerous search filters and tens of millions of members, sober singles have a good chance of locating a successful match. Match provides you with the tools to find someone who lives a sober lifestyle. You can browse by habits (e.g., no drinking or smoking), as well as age, location, gender, interests, education, and much more. Available at the App Store.

          Find Sobriety Support

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