Lifehack -- The Medically Managed Program that Moderates Alcohol Consumption

Are you or someone you know drinking too much? Does one drink lead to a few too many?

Don’t fret. You’re not alone, so many of us have been there.

When it comes to alcohol, we have the best intentions to take breaks, moderate or cut back. But, life happens!

On the weekends, we attend social gatherings where alcohol is flowing. On weekdays there seems to be an endless array of happy hour options. Then before we know it, we’re feeling less than optimal and ready to cut back on the booze for a little while.

But for many, it’s not always that easy. Alcohol is a significant part of our day-to-day culture in the U.S., and sometimes we can feel like we’re missing out if we’re opting not to drink at a social function.

Well, guess what?

We’re here to tell you there’s a new, evidence-based (and less daunting) approach to moderating alcohol consumption.

While different methods work for different people, you may not be familiar with our method at Ria Health.

It doesn’t involve Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

It doesn’t involve expensive rehab.

It doesn’t even require abstinence.

Instead, we combine scientifically proven methods including medication, technology, and personalized one-on-one coaching that are centered around you and your goals with alcohol.

Our program is also confidential—your privacy is our top priority—and convenient. Ria Health can be used from anywhere since all of your appointments are by phone or video.

Let’s take a closer look at why our solution works for those wanting to drink less.

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Game-Changer #1: Your Personal Care Team

When you get started with Ria Health, you are assigned your own personal Care Team who are there to support your success on the goals you set for yourself in changing your relationship to alcohol.

We are not here to tell you when or how much to drink—that’s up to you. We are here to guide you to the results you want, provide support for the inevitable challenges and of course, celebrate all of your wins—big and small.  

With access at your fingertips (via the Ria App), you’ll always have the support you need—without ever having to go to a doctor’s office.

Game-Changer #2: Medically Managed Program

Most of our members receive a prescription to one of five highly effective medications used to help reduce alcohol cravings and moderate how much alcohol is consumed. These medications are safe, non-addictive and clinically proven to aid in the reduction of alcohol consumption—especially when combined with an individualized, one-on-one program (see Game-Changer #3 below).

One popular medication Ria members use is called naltrexone. Research shows that patients who take naltrexone have fewer drinks and fewer relapse episodes. A 2013 review of research also found that it effectively reduced heavy drinking and cravings.

The medication doesn’t give you any type of high. Instead, it blocks your body from responding to the endorphins released by drinking.

Put simply: you won’t feel the same urge to keep drinking that you typically do from alcohol.

Since you’re not getting the “reward” of drinking, over time, your cravings for more drinks will likely diminish.

Game-Changer #3: One-on-One Coaching

When it comes to effectively cutting back on alcohol, studies show that the greatest benefits come when a medically managed program is combined with personalized coaching or counseling.

The Ria coaches are your best friends and lifelines when it comes to embarking on this new journey of changing your relationship to alcohol.

We’ve seen it all. Inevitably there will be good days, bad days and everything in between as you set upon a path you’ve never been on before. That is why our coaches are here for you. They will serve as confidants and help to keep you focused on your goals—no matter what circumstances life throws at you.

Curious to know more? Connect with a Ria Health team member today.

The Breakthrough Result

Success looks different for each Ria member since goals are defined by the individual. However, here are just some of the ways our members have defined success:

  • Reduce cravings for second and third drinks
  • Save drinking for special occasions
  • Get through setbacks associated with alcohol
  • Spend less money on alcohol
  • Attend parties with ease
  • Feel better and healthier

At Ria, we use evidence-based, scientifically supported tools and techniques to help people stop drinking too much. Our highly personalized, member-centric program is proven to be effective, accessible and affordable for our members.

After completing the Ria Health program, some people choose to shift to a maintenance program that strengthens their newfound healthy relationship with alcohol. Others prefer abstinence.

Get Started

Maybe you’ve made it this far, but you’re not sure whether you or a loved one is actually over drinking.

If you’re wondering, “is this normal?” take our Alcohol Use Survey.

No matter where you are with your drinking, Ria Health can help.

Are you ready to get back into balance with your relationship to alcohol?

Give us a call at 800-504-5360 or write to us today.

We’re here to be your resource and answer any questions you might have.

Some of our Member Testimonials:

I have been able to moderate my drinking. I can stop at 1 or 2 glasses of wine and only drink on special occasions. I feel like I am back on a healthier, more positive track.” *

– Pamela

“…the medicine the doc prescribed had no side effects. It cut my drinking in half almost overnight. It’s a ‘magic’ drug.” *

– Lauren

“My coach made the difference. She helped me through rough spots, gave motivation, and helped come up with ideas. Following the app twice a day was the other key.” *

– Steve J.

*Results may vary