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Adam Lane

Adam Lane

Registered Recovery Coach

About Adam Lane

Adam Lane is a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor with a Master in Professional Counseling. He has worked in a wide variety of contexts, from the military, to crisis management, to correctional institutions. He has more than a decade of experience in counseling, case management, and drug and alcohol intervention, and has recently joined the Ria Health team as a recovery coach.

Adam began his career in the military, where he served in the Marine Corps for eight years. After his honorable discharge, he began working as an on-call drug and alcohol interventionist, and later as a crisis counselor. After receiving his first master’s degree, Adam began working with veterans, and within the criminal justice system. There, he provided mental health and substance abuse counseling to some of the most at-risk members of the population.

With his broad experience in such high-pressure situations, it’s no surprise that Adam has become especially skilled in communication. As a coach, he places a particularly high value on pro-active listening and conflict resolution. When working with Ria members, Adam brings both his empathy for those struggling with alcohol, and a vast toolkit of strategies tested by some of the most demanding environments. Ria is proud to welcome him to the team.

Adam Lane



  • Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • Licensed Associate Substance Abuse Counselor
  • LAADAC (in progress, expected completion May, 2021)