Katie Lain Goyatton

Director of Community Outreach

About Katie Lain Goyatton

Katie Lain is the founder of Embody Daily, and a leading video blogger on the subject of alternative treatments for alcoholism. She is a dedicated advocate for the Sinclair Method, conducting interviews, writing, blogging, mentoring others, and running support groups. She is currently Director of Community Outreach at Ria Health, where she continues to spread the word about medication-assisted treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Katie received a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from Portland State University. She has worked in this field in some capacity ever since, in industries as diverse as hospitality, fashion, and recently at the Esalen retreat and educational institute in California. She loves to find creative ways to bring ideas and people together in order to achieve a common goal.

Embody Daily got its start when Katie successfully overcame her own alcohol dependence using the Sinclair Method (TSM). She first discovered this solution through a well-known TedTalk by Claudia Christian. After finding that TSM worked for her where other treatments hadn’t, she began a YouTube channel documenting her recovery in 2017.

Katie’s message resonated with others looking for alternatives to 12 step and abstinence-based programs, and her subscriber base quickly grew. Her videos on TSM are now among the most viewed on the subject, and she has become an instrumental part of the growing community around medication-based treatments for AUD.

Katie achieved full sobriety in September of 2018. She now mentors people one-on-one who are taking naltrexone or following the Sinclair Method. She also hosts weekly “TSM Tribe” online meet-ups, offering peer group support.

At Ria Health, she leads awareness-raising efforts around evidence-based treatments for AUD, combining her marketing savvy and advocacy into one role. Through all of her work, Katie hopes to make TSM and other medication-based treatments for AUD more accessible around the country.


  • Portland State University, Portland, OR, 2008
    Bachelors of Science, Business Marketing



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