Coaching Team

Mauricio Toussaint

Mauricio Toussaint

Registered Recovery Coach

About Mauricio Toussaint

Mauricio Toussaint is a Master’s-level Certified Addiction Professional, with a background in working with individuals who have co-occurring issues. He has over 5 years of counseling-related experience, and has worked with diverse populations. He joined Ria Health as a recovery coach in 2020.

After obtaining his Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from the City College of New York, Mauricio began his human services experience working with sheltered homeless individuals. This experience set a foundation for a humble and thoughtful approach to supporting persons in distress.

Mauricio built his clinical skills as a counselor in outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinics throughout New York City—including working with clients on medication-assisted treatment. Mauricio’s experience also includes working in a behavioral health hospital, and teaching introductory psychology to college-aged students.

Mauricio’s approach to addiction is person-centered and encourages harm reduction. He has an optimistic disposition, and strives to model that for the members he works with. He is dedicated, resourceful, and compassionate—traits that serve Ria Health’s members well.

Mauricio Toussaint