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Ria Health provides effective alcohol addiction treatment you can use, to help people reduce or stop drinking alcohol. Our expert medical and coaching teams get you started, and help with every step of the program. Consult with them through our mobile app, 24/7.

We Work With Your Schedule

Many people delay getting help for problem drinking: They fear being stigmatized, disruption of their life, and ruinous costs. That’s why we designed our revolutionary new program to work through a simple mobile app. It’s private, convenient, and affordable. Don’t wait until alcohol hurts your health, career, and relationships. Start now.

Drink Less or Not At All

Set your own personal goal, and we’ll help you achieve it. Some want to cut back to moderate drinking, while others want to quit altogether. Whatever your goal, we have hundreds of members just like you, who now drink a fraction of what they used to after joining our program.

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How Our Treatment Program Works

Ria’s program is designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life. Here’s what it’s like to be a member:

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How It Works

Who Is Ria Health For?

The short answer is, anyone who wants to change their relationship with alcohol, whether that is to completely stop drinking, reduce your alcohol intake, or change your habits. Ria’s flexibility makes it ideal for people with busy schedules, and those who don’t feel traditional AA or rehab are the right fit.

Here are some examples of people who might be a good match for Ria’s program:*

woman with children, sample Ria Health member

Lisa, 51

  • Working professional and single mother
  • Active lifestyle and health conscious, but often very busy
  • Drinks wine to unwind, and has noticed she’s up to a bottle a night
  • Wants to cut back to a few glasses a week, without putting her life on pause
Male ER nurse experiencing stress, sample Ria member

Rick, 37

  • ER Nurse Practitioner, husband, and father
  • Likes his job, but still experiences stress and anxiety from work
  • Drinks whiskey at night to manage, and is struggling to cut back on his own
  • Has tried AA, but felt that 12-step philosophy didn’t match his perspective
young woman on smartphone in cafe, sample member

Kyra, 26

  • Single, young professional
  • Has an active social life, and often meets with friends over drinks
  • Notices herself binge drinking too often, and wants to regain control
  • Feels that quitting completely isn’t necessary, but still wants some support

Kim, 45

  • Lawyer, married
  • Has struggled with alcohol for over a decade
  • Has tried inpatient rehab, AA, and quitting on her own, but nothing has stuck
  • Is interested in trying the Sinclair Method, but doesn’t want to go it alone

Ria’s program is designed to meet each person’s unique needs—without stigma, judgement, or limitations. Whatever your goals, we’re here to help you achieve them and become your healthiest self.

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*Each of these profiles are fictitious,
and intended only as examples

Why Choose Ria Health?

It’s effective and evidence-based

Our program is backed by scientific studies and data. We only use methods that are proven to help people cut back or quit drinking. Our retention rate is high, and our average member reduces their drinking by 75% in the first 12 months.

It’s affordable, and covered by many insurance plans

Ria is significantly cheaper than most outpatient rehab programs, and is also in-network with a number of major insurance providers. You may even be able to afford it out-of-pocket.

It’s easy to access, and fits your schedule

Because our whole program is online & telemedicine-based, you can get support from anywhere you have an internet connection. Make appointments with our medical and coaching teams whenever is convenient for you—without disrupting your daily life.

It’s customizable to your unique needs

Ria’s program supports both moderation and abstinence, and lets members set their own goals. Our medical team meets with each person over video chat, and helps them find the treatment that will work best for them.

We’re with you for the long-haul

We believe that lasting support means lasting change. Our program is designed to be convenient and affordable enough that you can stick with it for up to a year. Along the way, we’ll help you adapt to each challenge, and ensure that you’re getting the right care.

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Ria Health Reviews

[Ria’s program] has literally solved a problem for me that I did not think was actually a problem to be solved, ever. I thought that I’d either have to be going through painful, awful uncertainty with continuing drinking, or a very, very painful certainty of being sober all the time…*

– Rich K in Ohio

Ria Health has already helped over 1,000 members improve their relationship to alcohol.

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