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Alcohol Use Disorder

What is Alcohol Use Disorder AUD?
Alcohol Use Disorder is a condition that can manifest differently in different people. Typically, it means that you find yourself unable to control the quantity of alcohol you consume, obsessively thinking about getting your next drink, continuing to drink alcohol despite clear evidence alcohol is creating problems in your life, drinking more and more to get the same effect, or if you experience withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly decrease or stop drinking. AUD ranges from mild to severe. Mild AUD can quickly intensify. Early treatment is essential to prevent serious consequences to your health, career, and family.[1]

Is there a cure for AUD?
In the past 30 years, addiction has gone from an untreatable condition to a manageable chronic disease. Early treatment is more effective than later stage treatment because the effects of alcohol are cumulative. High levels of alcohol in your tissues, over an extended period, causes biochemical changes in your body. If you have been ill for a long time, some of these changes can become permanent.

Ria Health Treatment

What’s the purpose of breathalyzing?
Behavior modification is a fancy way to say creating healthy habits. We are creatures of habit and research shows that small nudges like taking the stairs or opting for water during meals can make a big improvement to our wellbeing. Taking a picture of your medication and testing your BAC with the breathalyzer will become a habit that gives your treatment team daily updates on your progress.

Can I use any type of breathalyzer?
Our app is ONLY compatible with the BacTrak Bluetooth Mobile breathalyzer and is required for the treatment. It is available through Amazon or maybe available through your local pharmacy.

Will your treatment work for anyone?
Some people find they are unable to tolerate particular medicines. Others may not be motivated to work on adjusting their behavior. Although most patients will reduce their drinking, there can be no guarantee that any specific patient will be successful. We understand the complexities of managing AUD.

How much and how long is your treatment?
We encourage our patients to stay in treatment for 12 months. This length of time has been shown to allow the body to recover. It’s also been demonstrated that over 12 months habits have taken root. The program costs average about $250 per month.

And after 12 months?
As your recovery stabilizes you will have a discussion with your physician about the right path for the long term. He or she will take into account your progress and your continuing challenges in providing you a recommendation. Naltrexone is cheap, effective, easy to take, reliable, and causes no harm. We encourage you to keep monitoring your relationship to alcohol. If your decision was to reduce drinking, keep using the breathalyzer.

Do I have to check into an office? 
The short answer is no. We know that alcohol is everywhere. Our treatment is designed to give you the support to take control of alcohol and manage it as a safe part of your life.

I think someone I love should use your treatment, can you help me? 
If someone has recognized they need help but are afraid current treatment options might disrupt their life, work, or social life our service is designed to be discreet. Our community is quickly growing and we are working very hard to end the stigma of alcohol abuse and treatment.


How does medication help?
Medications can be extremely effective in decreasing alcohol cravings and reducing the body’s sensitivity to alcohol. We use different medications, though we typically prescribe naltrexone. During your initial consultation your doctor will review your medical history to determine which medication or combination is right for you.

Check out our Chief Medical Officer’s blog on this subject: here

What happens if I drink while I am on the medication?
The medications we prescribe are safe and non-habit forming. You and your doctor will monitor your progress. Our treatment is designed to empower you to decide if you want to continue drinking or simply stop.

Other Treatments
Ria Health Family Doctor Intensive Outpatient Rehab
Cost $250/mo average


$1,000/mo $5,000 to $10,000 $20,000 to $35,000
Duration 1 year 1 year 4-6 weeks 28+ days
Medical Treatment Vivitrol Only Detox Only Detox Only
Location Mobile Clinic Hospital Residential
Physician Consultation
Addiction Coaching
Progress Monitoring
Low Time Commitment
Breathalyzer Connection Issues

Here are some common resolutions to fix breathalyzer connection issues.

  • Make sure your breathalyzer is charged (at least an hour).
  • Check if the breathalyzer is on (showing a blue light). You can turn on the breathalyzer by pressing and holding the button on the side for about 2 seconds.
  • Enable bluetooth on your mobile device.
  • If you installed the BACtrack application (in addition to Ria Health), please uninstall the BACtrack application. The breathalyzer can only function with one app at a time, so the other app intereferes.
  • Check that you have the correct breathalyzer model – BACtrack mobile pro bluetooth breathalyzer.
  • Try clearing data, uninstalling, and reinstalling the app.
  • If none of the above works, contact us and we’ll help!
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