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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Ria Health is HIPAA Compliant

How does HIPAA protect my privacy?

HIPAA requires a high level of confidentiality for all of your health-related data. This means that we cannot share your health information with another person or organization (such as a health insurer) until they also sign an agreement to safeguard that information. Under HIPAA, doctors can’t discuss your data with anyone, even your family, without your permission. Basically, HIPAA gives you control over who uses your medical data, and how it can be transferred. Learn more here.

Does Ria comply with HIPAA?

Absolutely. It is part of our mission to provide confidential alcohol treatment. We firmly believe in protecting our user’s privacy, and we comply with all HIPAA regulations. In fact, Ria encrypts all of your data and secures it on special HIPAA-compliant physical servers.

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Ria Health Gives You Total Privacy

How are we different?

At Ria, we offer confidential alcohol treatment by specialized physicians, without the exposure of visiting a doctor’s office. Our users choose when and where to talk with us, and we handle the security. Because Ria offers a combination of physician services and behavioral management solutions, we make sure that all of these are HIPAA compliant.

How will we contact you?

We reach our patients only by phone, and through the HIPAA-secure Ria Health app. Once you are registered with our service, only your physician and medical care team will contact you (plus customer service if needed). If you have a preference as to when or how you want to be reached, just let them know!

Do we sell your data?

Absolutely not. Not only is that a HIPAA violation, it is also super uncool.