About Ria Health

We make effective treatments to help members build a positive relationship with alcohol.

We believe there should be no stigma around alcohol addiction—that it should be treated like any other medical condition. Our program combines science-backed methods with new technology to give people the care they need, from wherever they may be.

So far, our innovative approach has helped over 4,000 people either moderate or quit drinking, without putting their lives on hold.

Who we are

Ria Health is a team of medical professionals, technology experts, and start-up veterans, dedicated to making a positive change in how addiction is treated. Our team includes doctors, nurse practitioners, addiction counselors, tech developers, marketers, business leaders, and experienced nonprofit workers. Each is committed to bringing compassionate, effective care to those who need it most.

Our company is based in San Francisco, but our program is available nationwide. Get in touch by scheduling a call today.

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Our Philosophy

At Ria Health, we believe that alcohol addiction treatment should be:


No matter where you are, or how busy your life is, you should be able to get the help you need


Treatment for addiction should be based in scientific research, and use methods that are proven effective

phone flexible schedule

Each individual should get treatment that matches their unique needs and goals, without requiring them to subscribe to any philosophy

save money

Getting help shouldn’t break the bank, or set you back in other areas of your life

Ria Health has already helped over thousands of members improve their relationship to alcohol.

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