Our Team

Our experienced team is committed to transforming alcohol addiction treatment.

Tom Nix



Advisor, growth consultant, CEO; Positioning, Go to market, Marketing & Sales Operations, M&A, and Analytics. CEO with successful exits.

David Deacon



Entrepreneur, scientist, engineer; Founder CEO or CTO, four tech startups in consumer electronics, telecom; angel investor; NIH Principal Advisor commercialization; 62 US patents.

John Mendelson



Professor of Medicine, UCSF; Senior Research Scientist Friends Research Institute; Medical Director, Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment (BAART) Programs; Distinguished in Clinical Research and Primary Care Medical Practice.

Bob Nix



Entrepreneur, Architect, Technologist; VP R&D and Principal Architect, Athena Health; CTO VP Eng. Peppercoin; Founder or CTO six more startups in fintech, enterprise software, ecommerce.

Sam Xu


Enthusiast in building scalable real-time systems. Backend developer for athenaText and Epocrates. Over a decade of experience working with healthcare professionals.

Lili Fay



Coaches behavior restructuring to empower her clients to practice daily harm-reduction skills which prevent or overcome dependency, so that they can achieve their recovery goals.

Sara Miller



Entrepreneur, silicon valley veteran passionate about bringing new health care delivery systems to market.

Bruce Hodges


New York-based professional writer, editor, and fundraising consultant, with over three decades of experience in print and online text, public relations, and social media.

Advisory Board

Claudia Christian



Founder of C Three Foundation to help raise awareness of The Sinclair Method treatment for problem drinking. Film & Television actor with over 50 films and television roles to her credit.

Warren Bickel



Director, Addiction Recovery Research Center, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute; past Wilbur Mills Professor of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Prevention, Department of Psychiatry, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Charles O’Brien

 MD. PhD.


Addiction and Mental Health Appel Professor and Vice Chair Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine, U. Pennsylvania; Naltrexone developer; chair DSM-V committee for diagnosis of mental illness and addiction.

Ivan Diamond

MD. PhD.


Neurology of Alcohol Addiction CSO Amygdala Neurosciences; Senior Advisor, Gilead; Prof. and Vice Chair Neurology, Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology (Emeritus), UCSF; Founding Director, Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center for neuroscience of alcohol on the human brain.