Linda HIckman

Linda Hickman, RN

Registered Nurse

About Linda Hickman, RN

Linda Hickman is a Registered Nurse specializing in substance abuse and mental health. She has several decades of diverse experience in nursing, from emergency departments to patient care management, coaching, education, and policy development. She holds a master’s degree from John F. Kennedy University, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Brigham Young University.

Linda has been managing addiction recovery care since 2010. As Director of Nursing at New Leaf Treatment Center, she established and monitored treatment plans, led education efforts on relapse prevention and harm reduction, and assisted with training for other nurses, physicians, and interns. She also led the creation of a non-profit overdose prevention program in the Contra Costa area of California, expanding access to naloxone kits and providing instruction.

Linda is committed to harm reduction as an approach to addiction treatment. In over a decade of treating alcohol dependence, she has developed a broad knowledge of medication options, as well as a strong ability to gauge what approach will work best for each individual. As a Ria Health nurse, she puts this knowledge and experience to work customizing and adjusting treatment to the needs of each member under her care.


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