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Simple Billing, Engagement-Based Pricing

The Ria Health treatment program can be billed directly through medical claims, so there is no need for complicated administrative setup. Ria Health charges based on patient engagement, and the outcomes that matter most to you and your members. Pay only for members who stay enrolled and engaged in achieving meaningful results. Our pricing approach aligns our incentives with yours, so that when patients succeed, everyone wins.


Ria’s plan is affordable, simple to set up, and engagement-based: you pay for results, and get a return in improved productivity


Participants can sustain high job performance levels and meet personal commitments, while getting the treatment they need


Successful participants will have lower long-term health costs

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Ria Health can help you choose the best rollout process for your employees and company. We will assist in analyzing historical data to determine the financial impact of untreated Alcohol Use Disorder, and develop effective campaigns to bring awareness of treatment options to covered members, so that more employees get the help they need.

Long Term Health Benefits and Savings

Research shows that using Pharmacotherapy to treat alcohol use disorder reduces the health cost impact by $3,500 in the first six months of treatment. Current treatment options costs between $12-$25,000 per instance and lack objective outcome data. Ria Health is a fraction of the cost of other treatment options, and we have the data to demonstrate our outcomes.

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Problem Drinking Costs at Least $179 Billion Each Year in Lost Productivity

Ria Health offers a private, technology-driven solution to help your employees reduce their alcohol consumption, with minimal disruption to their personal and professional lives.

How Ria Health Works For Participants

Our program is evidence-based, and makes use of telemedicine and pharmacotherapy to maximize the effectiveness of treatment for each individual. Participants will be able to access professional support, counseling, and prescription medications to reduce their drinking, and manage the whole process through a convenient smartphone app, with tools to track their progress. The system is designed to streamline and normalize the process of alcohol recovery. Learn more about how it works here.

Why Alcohol Reduction Therapy Makes a Big Difference

Problem drinking is prevalent and likely affects many of your employees. In the US there are 57 million adults who struggle with problem drinking. This has a dramatic effect on productivity with losses to the economy of $179 billion each year. Binge drinkers are over 380% more likely to exhibit impairment to their daily activities. Workers who drink excessively are 200-400% more likely to experience a drop in productivity.

The estimated health care cost of alcohol misuse is $27 billion dollars, but even this number is believed by the CDC to underestimate the real impact, because it does not factor alcohol as the root cause of many comorbidities. Pharmacotherapy for excessive drinking, as practiced in our program, has been shown to reduce total health care costs by 30% in the first 6 months of treatment. 

Ria Health is a next-generation solution for people who want to stop drinking too much.