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Very happy with this program. Inexpensive with my insurance and actual results! I was literally hopeless before giving this place a try. After only a month I had already achieved amazing results! Very easy program to follow with a convenient in-app counselor session scheduler. My counselor also always calls on time and is very nice.*

– Anonymous

RiaHealth is very supportive, with a great staff who check in with you regularly. Right now I am right on track for my personal goals. Great program!*

– Anonymous

You changed my life, my perspectives and ability to choose.*

– Anonymous

Ria Health has been the best experience I’ve ever encountered.The care teams are so professional and personal for my well-being.I enjoy the one on one counseling and mentoring.The program has made me accountable for my actions and a stronger person in life.I would recommend Ria Health 100%.*

– Anonymous

* results may vary

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Listen to Joseph’s Story

Going down the Sinclair Method* road through Ria Health has simplified the process. And I think if you can simplify this process for yourself, other things come a little bit easier and more naturally. Take the burden off yourself. Let the professionals handle it, ya know?

*The Sinclair Method uses targeted doses of the drug naltrexone to help people reduce their alcohol cravings over time. It is one of several medication-based approaches offered by Ria Health.

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Rachael’s Story

The idea of not drinking ever again a year and a half ago—that would have been like losing my best friend . . . But with the naltrexone, that’s not the case anymore. Now I see having a sip of alcohol or a glass of wine as a treat . . . but if I go a week or two without it I’m ok, and I never thought that would happen.

Bill’s Story

The description of not having an “off switch”—I mean that was totally me. And I think naltrexone gave me that off switch—and then once I had the off switch, I had what I needed in order to deal with the entire issue that I was facing.

Rich’s Story

They are very warm and welcoming, and will meet you where you’re at. If you’re in a very bad place, they’re happy to take you in. If you’re in a pretty good place, but could maybe address this problem a little bit more, they’ll still take you in, you know, they’ll still talk to you, they’ll still accept you.

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