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Does Optum Offer Alcohol Rehab Coverage?

Most Optum plans provide some kind of assistance with alcohol addiction rehab. The details will depend on your specific plan, and what state you reside in. But in most cases affordable options will be available, including online outpatient rehab.

How Does Optum Insurance Work?

Optum is a branch of UnitedHealth Group, one of the largest insurance providers in the world. Optum is noteworthy for being technology-driven and vertically integrated. This means access to a wide network of doctors, pharmacies, programs, and specialists. It also means that care is streamlined using technology, getting you the care you need as efficiently as possible.

Like with most insurance plans, you’ll need to check whether or not your treatment provider is in-network. But because of its size, and the priority it places on behavioral health services, Optum should be able to match you with a solution that meets your needs, and help you determine the cost ahead of time.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment and Optum

With a few exceptions, most people with Optum health plans can access some form of outpatient rehab, including telemedicine-based solutions like Ria Health. Different plans will carry different deductibles and copays, so it’s important to check with Optum or your treatment provider to get an accurate idea of costs ahead of time.

How Can I Find Out If I’m Covered?

One way of checking is to contact Optum directly and discuss your needs. You can also check your coverage for Ria Health’s program by getting in touch with our team. We are in-network with Optum, and will work directly with them to determine your eligibility. Your information will be kept confidential, and there is no obligation to join.

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Optum Coverage For Ria Health

Ria Health’s telemedicine program is in-network with Optum, and is covered under most plans. Ria offers treatment for alcohol misuse from home, including access to medications, recovery coaching, digital tools, and online support groups. Best of all, it can be done 100% through your smartphone, making it both affordable and convenient.

Why Telemedicine?

There are many rehab options out there, but there’s a reason many insurance companies are starting to see the advantage of treatment through telemedicine. Online rehab is:


Rehab through telemedicine is accessible from anywhere, and can be tailored to your schedule. You don’t need to put your life on hold or travel long distances to get the help you need.


Ria’s program uses only evidence-based methods, proven to help people reduce or quit drinking for the long haul. Our members see an average 75% reduction in their drinking within the first year.


With or without insurance, telemedicine-based services tend to be less expensive. This is good for everyone involved, and makes it possible to stick with treatment for long enough to establish real change.

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How Ria’s Program Works

Our sign up process is simple, and we provide comprehensive care through our digital platform. Here’s how it works:

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