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This video will give you step by step instructions for assembling the pieces to your mobile breathalyzer, downloading the Ria Health App, switching your device into “App Mode,” and doing your first breathalyzer reading.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Assemble the Unit

First, place one of your plastic mouthpieces on the breathalyzer unit.  Insert your batteries into the unit by detaching the plastic cover and placing the battery in the unit. Notice the little + and – symbols printed inside the case, and align the positive end of the battery with the + end of the case. Next, replace the plastic back. This can be a little tricky. Finally, press the silver button next to the mouthpiece and hold for a moment to turn the unit on. You will see a blue light when the unit is on.

Put the Unit into “App” Mode

Next, put the breathalyzer into “App” mode, so it can respond to the Ria Health app.

Your C6 breathalyzer operates in one of two different modes: App mode, or standalone mode. In “standalone” mode the unit operates independently from the phone app and all results are displayed on the unit’s built-in screen. This mode is great if you want to allow a friend to use your breathalyzer at a party. But remember to put it back into App mode!

When the unit is in App mode it works with the Ria Health App. When you take your unit out of the box the first time it’s in standalone mode, as you can see on the screen when you power up. To change the mode, press and hold for 10 seconds on the silver button next to the mouthpiece.

Download the Ria Health App

To download the Ria Health app, visit either the Apple app store for your iPhone or the Google Play Store if your phone is Android. Search for Ria Health and choose download and run.

The first time you run the App, sign in with the email and password you provided when you signed up with Ria, and input a pin number for easy sign-on in the future. The App connects automatically to the breathalyzer via Bluetooth. Check your smartphone settings menu under Bluetooth to make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

Download for iPhone

Download for Andriod

Using the Mobile Breathalyzer

From the app, press the “Start Care Plan” button. You’ll see a screen asking you to turn on your breathalyzer; do that by pressing down the silver button on the breathalyzer for a second. Then press “connect” in the app. The first time you try to connect, the app will try to find your breathalyzer, and you can pair it by pressing “Use this breathalyzer.” The device will start warming up.

Wait until the device prompts you to start blowing, then take a breath and blow steadily into the mouthpiece. After several seconds, the device will click and your phone will tell you to stop blowing. It will take a few seconds to analyze the results, and then you should see your blood alcohol content displayed.

You can switch your mobile breathalyzer off by tapping the silver button again, or it will switch itself off in a few seconds.

Your Breathalyzer Reading is Complete

Check your numbers twice a day, once in the morning when you wake up and once at night. It’s easy if you make it a part of your routine.

Meet Your Ria Health Practitioner

  • Make an appointment with your Ria Health Practitioner to discuss your treatment plan
  • After you have a few days of baseline breathalyzer results meet with your physician again to see if you are a good candidate for medication.
  • If you have any side effects or you are not responding to the medication prescribed to you, you can make another appointment at no charge.
  • You will typically meet with your practitioner once a month for the first three months and as necessary afterward.

Meet Your Ria Health Coach

  • A key part of the Ria Health treatment program is weekly meetings with your Ria Health recovery coach
  • Your coach will help you set your goals for your time in the program and will help you stay accountable to yourself.
  • Success in alcohol treatment is rarely a straight line so your coach will be there to celebrate your accomplishments and help if you have any setbacks.

All of us here at Ria are committed to supporting you as you work to achieve your goals. If you need further assistance, feel free to call our Customer Assistance number 800 504 5360.