Over 14 million Americans struggle with alcohol use disorder

Our telemedicine-based program offers affordable, flexible treatment with proven results.


Excessive drinking has costly consequences

Despite these statistics, alcohol treatment remains hard to access for many people, and is not always based in clinical research

Each year, less than 8% of those with AUD receive treatment

New Solutions for Alcohol Abuse

Ria Health is revolutionizing the way treatment for alcohol use disorder is accessed, offering flexible, evidence-based care to US residents.

How It Works:

Ria’s program is telemedicine-based, meaning that members can access comprehensive support from wherever they are. Our methods are backed by peer reviewed studies, and include:

medication for alcohol
Medications proven to reduce alcohol cravings over time
Harm Reduction
A goal of moderation or abstinence, depending on the individual’s needs
Medically Managed Care
Customized treatment plans overseen by our expert medical team
Psychosocial Support
Recovery coaching, behavioral therapy, and online support groups

All of this is delivered through a HIPAA-compliant smartphone app, on each member’s schedule

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Why Offer Ria’s Program?

RIA Health Member Engagement chart

Strong Clinical Outcomes

Ria’s program engages members and gets lasting results. In internal studies from 2018 and 2019:

  • Mean BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) among members decreased from 0.09 to 0.03 over 6 months
  • Non-drinking days per week more than doubled within 180 days
  • Medication adherence at one year was nearly 80%

More than 50% of Ria Health members remain with the program for at least 6 months, and reduce their drinking by an average of 75% within the first year

See the full study results at 6 months and one year



Ria’s program removes common barriers to treatment, making it more likely that people will get help, and stick with the program for the long-haul



Treatment is customized to each individual, and can be adjusted over time. There is no need to subscribe to any philosophy to join Ria’s program

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Nationally Scalable

Ria Health is available to all US residents. View full list of states here.


Easy Implementation​

Ria’s team handles intake and offers engagement-based pricing. Get in contact with our team for details

What Our Members are Saying:

Ria Member

Before your program I was a daily drinker. Mostly wine but mostly the entire bottle in one sitting. Since taking your counseling and the miracle drug naltrexone, I am finally rid of the temptation to drink.*

– Maria in Florida

mark's review of ria health

Ria Health is a life-changer. I have done AA, and four or five stays at rehab and IOPs that really didn’t help at all. With Ria Health, after less than one year, I don’t even think about drinking anymore. This was the best money I have ever spent on dealing with alcohol addiction!*

– Mark in California

Is My Drinking Normal?

Take our short alcohol quiz to learn where you fall on the drinking spectrum and if you might benefit from quitting or cutting back on alcohol.