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Kudzu for Alcohol Addiction: Can a Natural Remedy Help You Drink Less?

kudzu for alcohol

In recent years, several plant-based remedies have emerged as potential treatments for alcohol addiction. Among these is the vine kudzu, a plant native to Eastern Asia. While a number of western medications and treatments exist to help people stop drinking, there is always a need for more choices. Kudzu for alcohol use disorder could be […]

Behavioral Health Services for Alcohol Use Disorder

Behavioral Health Services

If you’re in charge of managing health insurance or other health-related issues for your organization, employee wellness is probably one of your top priorities. One of the biggest challenges you may face is the issue of alcohol use disorder (AUD). More colloquially known as alcoholism, this disorder can have a range of severe effects on […]

Rehab at Home: How a Telemedicine App Can Help You Stop Drinking

Rehab at Home

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the high cost of rehab, and how it can discourage people from getting help. Attending a rehabilitation facility can also be an issue of time and privacy. For many people, skipping work and putting their personal lives on hold is not a possibility. This helps create a situation in which […]

Vivitrol vs Naltrexone for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

vivitrol vs naltrexone

People who struggle with alcohol use disorder no longer have to rely exclusively on rehab or 12-step programs. There are now medications that can make it much easier for people to quit alcohol, or reduce how much they drink. Naltrexone is one such medication that can decrease a person’s desire to drink alcohol. It is […]

The 4 Best Meditation Apps to Clear Your Mind

Best Meditation Apps

Talk with anyone who meditates regularly, and they’ll gladly tell you about the benefits to the mind, body, and soul. It’s an effective way to reduce stress, control anxiety, sharpen your focus, and improve self-compassion. Who doesn’t want that? But despite all the upsides, many people are hesitant to give meditation a try. They may […]

Alcohol & Workplace Productivity: Are Your Employees Secretly Struggling?

Alcohol and Workplace Productivity

There are many stereotypes associated with alcohol addiction, not the least of which concerns employment. It is often assumed that people struggling with alcohol consumption will display obvious signs of it, and not be able to keep a full time job. This can be misleading. Problem drinking takes many forms, and affects many more employees […]

Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms: How to Spot Them, and What to Do About Them

Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms

You’ve probably seen people who were “three sheets to the wind,” or even unconscious from too many drinks. Perhaps you’ve even been one of those people. That loss of control may appear blissful to some, but it could also turn into a nightmare. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about six people […]

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