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"The program gave me much needed room to breathe and recalibrate my relationship to alcohol."

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In an analysis of Ria members, on average, people were able to reduce their drinking by 70% after the first 6 months in the program. 

Of course, results may vary. Learn more here.

"The intake nurse was so friendly, supportive, and non-judgmental—she made me feel comfortable right away."

"Alcohol is not controlling my life anymore. I feel free."

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 - Access to medical care from specialist physicians

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 - Everything is done from home

 - One-on-one guidance, coaching and support available 24/7

 - Choice: moderation or abstinence

 - Medication sent to your local pharmacy

 - Digital tools to track your progress

 - Peer group meetings & support

 - Complimentary breathalyzer upon signing up

 - HSA & FSA eligible expense

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