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Our Members Get:

Virtual meetings with a physician to create a custom plan

Medications to control alcohol cravings

Regular meetings with licensed recovery coaches via video chat

Access to online support groups

Digital, app-based tools to track their progress

Moderation or abstinence as options

Our program is 100% confidential, and can be done 100% from your smartphone. No more traveling long distances, no more barriers, and no more putting your life on hold.

Why Get Help for Alcohol Online?

It’s Accessible

Join from anywhere you have an internet connection.

It’s Affordable

Ria’s program is a fraction of the cost of most rehab centers

It’s Flexible

Your plan is customized to your unique needs. Whatever your goals are, we’ll help you get there.

Watch Claudia Christian, actress & evidence-based recovery advocate, on why online programs are revolutionizing alcohol addiction treatment—and why solutions that recognize the individual are so important.

Claudia is the founder of the C Three Foundation and advisor to Ria Health

Ria Health has already helped over 1,000 members improve their relationship to alcohol.

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