Virtual Alcohol Care in North Carolina

If you’re looking for alcohol help in North Carolina, AA and traditional rehab are not your only options. Ria Health is a next-generation alcohol treatment program that blends medication, evidence-based techniques, and technology. 

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Our flexible and adaptive program doesn’t require you to quit drinking. Instead, we work with your schedule and lifestyle to change your relationship with alcohol—whether you choose abstinence or moderation.

Want To Cut Back on Alcohol in North Carolina?

From the coast to the mountains, Ria Health offers telehealth alcohol treatment to people throughout North Carolina—including Raleigh and Charlotte. Ria Health is convenient and requires no doctor’s office visits, ever. Instead, you receive secure and effective alcohol treatment via our HIPAA-compliant app. All medical check-ins and weekly recovery coaching sessions are managed remotely.

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Benefits of Ria’s Online Alcohol Program

Many people in North Carolina are troubled by their drinking habits, but aren’t prepared to attend addiction rehab. Ria Health offers a less disruptive solution that puts treatment within easier reach. Here are some of the benefits our members experience when they choose our online program:

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How It Works

Do I Need to Seek Alcohol Help?

Whether a friend made a comment that has you concerned, or you’ve noticed some troubling behaviors, you may be wondering—do I need alcohol treatment? Take our short quiz to learn if you could benefit from changing your relationship with alcohol.


Try Virtual Alcohol Care in North Carolina

Some people are hesitant to try virtual alcohol care because they’re not sure what to expect. The Ria Health approach is backed by scientific research and shown to reduce alcohol consumption by an average of 75% within 12 months. We use Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and weekly recovery coaching to gradually reduce how much you drink and address problematic drinking behaviors. 

The Ria program gives you access to numerous tools to help you reach your recovery goals, including:

Don’t Quite Need Rehab? Learn About Ria Health in NC

Whether someone has pointed out your alcohol habits, or you feel terrible after a weekend of binge drinking, rehab is not the only answer. Learn how the Ria program works with your goals and lifestyle, or schedule a time to talk with a member of the Ria Health team.

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