Virtual Alcohol Care in Tennessee

Do you want to cut back on your alcohol use, but don’t feel rehab is the right fit? Ria Health offers a new solution, whether you’re in Memphis, Nashville, or any other part of Tennessee. Our online program gives you the tools to change your relationship with alcohol on your terms—right from your smartphone

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Ria’s flexible telehealth alcohol treatment program offers people throughout Tennessee a safe and effective way to quit drinking, or reduce their intake.

Online Alcohol Help Throughout Tennessee

Our telehealth program offers encouragement and effective alcohol treatment solutions to people living in Nashville, Memphis, and throughout Tennessee. There are no in-person office visits, ever. Instead, you’ll receive convenient and secure alcohol treatment through our HIPAA-compliant app, anywhere in the state. Medical check-ins, coaching, and more are all managed remotely.

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Why Try an Online Alcohol Help Program?

Virtual services are an excellent alternative for people who feel that AA or other rehabilitative programs are not for them. Instead of requiring complete sobriety, or asking patients to check into a facility and put their life on hold, online options offer flexibility. You can choose the goal that works for you, and get the help you need on your schedule.

Ria Health offers both abstinence and moderation as options, and can help you make a change at whatever pace suits you best. And because our services are exclusively online, you won’t have to take time off from your job or miss family obligations to get help. You can continue to live your everyday life, and work on your recovery whenever it fits in your schedule.

Not only is online alcohol help more flexible, it’s also generally more effective. On average, Ria Health members reduce their alcohol intake by 75% after 12 months with our program.

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How It Works

Do I Need to Seek Alcohol Help?

Whether a friend made a comment that has you concerned, or you’ve noticed some troubling behaviors, you may be wondering—do I need alcohol treatment? Take our short quiz to learn if you could benefit from changing your relationship with alcohol.


The Benefits and Services We Offer

Ria’s virtual care services are flexible to each person’s unique needs. As a member, you’ll get a customized plan based on your personal goals and history, generally including a mix of the following:

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