Virtual Alcohol Care in Texas

Life in Texas is busier than ever. It may be hard to take time out from your bustling life to change your relationship with alcohol. Ria Health has a new solution: We offer a convenient online alcohol addiction treatment program—blending medication, technology, and telehealth resources—to help you reduce your alcohol intake or stop drinking.


Unlike traditional rehab, the Ria Health program is flexible and adaptive, working with your lifestyle to help you achieve your goals. Our evidence-based methods are safe, effective, and accessible right from your Texas home.

Online Alcohol Help Throughout Texas

Ria Health is proud to offer telehealth alcohol help throughout the Lone Star State. Whether you live in Houston, Dallas, Austin, or anywhere else in Texas, Ria offers convenient and secure alcohol treatment through a HIPAA-compliant smartphone app. All care is managed remotely, including virtual medical check-ins and weekly online coaching. It’s all designed to help you take control of your relationship with alcohol—without interrupting your life.


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What Are the Benefits of Virtual Alcohol Care in Texas?

The Ria Health approach uses Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to help you reach your recovery goals at a pace that works for you. You’ll also work with a licensed recovery coach to set achievable goals, address problematic drinking behaviors, and establish real, lasting change.

Our virtual alcohol treatment program offers many benefits to Texas residents:

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How It Works

Do I Need to Seek Alcohol Help?

It’s not always clear when your drinking has crossed a line. If you’re having some doubts about your relationship with alcohol, take our quick survey to learn if you could benefit from support to cut back or quit drinking.


What Does the Ria Health Program Offer?

While treatment lengths can vary, most people stick with the Ria Health program for a full 12 months. As you work with our team, you’ll get access to numerous valuable resources, including:

Become a Ria Member in Texas

If you’re ready to quit or cut back on alcohol, Ria Health can help. Learn how our program works, or schedule a call with a member of the Ria Health team today.

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