Virtual Alcohol Care in Wisconsin

If you want to change your drinking habits, but don’t think rehab is the right fit, Ria Health can help. We offer a next-generation solution to help you quit or cut back on alcohol anywhere in Wisconsin—100 percent online. Get in touch with us to learn how our flexible telehealth options can put you back in control.

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Ria’s flexible telehealth alcohol treatment program offers people throughout Wisconsin a safe and effective way to quit drinking, or reduce their intake.

Online Alcohol Help Throughout Wisconsin

Our telehealth program offers encouragement and effective alcohol treatment solutions to people living in Milwaukee, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. There are no in-person office visits, ever. Instead, you’ll receive convenient and secure alcohol treatment through our HIPAA-compliant app, anywhere in the state. Medical check-ins, coaching, and more are all managed remotely.

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The Benefits of Virtual Alcohol Help Programs

Although programs like AA and inpatient treatment centers can work well for some people, others may feel they are too restrictive and time-intensive. Ria Health offers a more flexible alternative that you can access from anywhere you have internet access. Our program is:

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How It Works

Do I Need to Seek Alcohol Help?

If someone you love has expressed concern about your relationship with alcohol, or you’ve noticed other troubling signs, it may be time to check in with yourself. Take our alcohol use survey to learn where you stand and if you could benefit from a program like Ria Health.


What Ria’s Telehealth Program Offers

Ria’s program is customizable to each person’s unique goals, but our care plans generally include a mix of the following elements:

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