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There have been significant advances in science and medicine with greater understanding of how addiction works on the brain. At Ria, we use only scientifically-backed methods that are proven to help people cut back on alcohol. You’ll benefit from safe, FDA-approved medications that are proven to help people crave less alcohol and drink less over time. Meet one-on-one with our physicians via smartphone to determine which medication may be right for you.

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Reduce your drinking privately, from the comfort of your home

Ria Health offers a comprehensive program to help people drink less alcohol. Everything is done through telemedicine using your smartphone---from the comfort of your home. You’ll benefit from one-on-one support by experts in the field of alcohol use disorder, and easy digital tools that will keep you on track toward the goals you set out for yourself.

Ria members have access to a personal care team to guide them to a better version of themselves. Members benefit from one-on-one guidance that’s accessible 24/7 through the Ria Health app. The program also comes with a complimentary breathalyzer to accurately track your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and monitor your progress.

Moderation Through One-on-One 

Coaching and Technology

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We’re so happy you’ve found us! At Ria, our goal is to help our members get into a better place with alcohol. We understand that moderation can be challenging for many---and that’s why we take a personalized approach for each and every member—using methods that are scientifically proven to help people drink less alcohol time.

On average, our members reduce their drinking by 70% within the first 6 months

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How it works

In an analysis of Ria members, on average, people were able to reduce their drinking by 70% after the first 6 months in the program. 

Of course, results may vary. Learn more here.