The Rise of Low and No-Alcohol Beverages: An Industry Report

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The low to no alcohol beverage industry has been on a tear recently. Sales have increased 300% over the last year, despite the pandemic fueling a major rise in alcohol sales. But now the demand for low to no alcohol beverages is booming.

Several products, brands, and even communities have emerged to meet this shifting consumer demand. Major brewing companies like AB InBev and Heineken have made a big push promoting their low to no alcohol versions of their beers, with AB InBev even committing to having half their inventory being no alcohol by 2025.

New Beverage Options Are Serving More Audiences

Craft breweries have also joined in on this new trend, developing low alcohol beers that still have a craft beer feel. Other companies have introduced new beer, mocktail, and low alcohol spirit options, combining them with ingredients like CBD, adaptogen, and nootropics to provide a more purposeful and intentional beverage for consumers to enjoy.

With this resurgence of alternative adult beverages, communities looking for non-alcoholic drinks are thriving and finding themselves finally being able to socialize without having to drink alcohol. 

This has also made quite the impact on those who are looking to reduce their overall alcohol consumption. These no to low alcohol beers provide a socially acceptable and comfortable way of avoiding drinking alcohol without experiencing any of the associated stigma.

An Industry Report

To get a better understanding of how this new industry is thriving, what’s causing the consumer demand for no to low alcohol drinks, and to learn from experts in the industry itself, we put together this industry report on the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

In it you’ll find:

  • Key insights and stats on non-alcoholic beverage sales as well as projected outcomes
  • Exclusive commentary from Two Roots Brewing Company, Dry Together, and Ria Health offer insights on why this new trend is here to stay.
  • A look at key players and communities in the space driving this industry forward.
  • How these beverages can be used to help people struggling with alcohol use disorder and anyone who’s looking to change their relationship with alcohol overall.
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