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Real-life Ria members describe their experiences quitting or reducing their drinking with our online program.

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Listen to real stories from individuals who went through the Ria Health program. Names and images have been changed for privacy, but the stories and reviews are from real Ria members. 

Joseph’s Story

Going down the Sinclair Method road through Ria Health has simplified the process. And I think if you can simplify this process for yourself, other things come a little bit easier and more naturally. Take the burden off yourself. Let the professionals handle it, ya know?

Rachael’s Story

The idea of not drinking ever again a year and a half ago—that would have been like losing my best friend . . . But with the naltrexone, that’s not the case anymore. Now I see having a sip of alcohol or a glass of wine as a treat . . . but if I go a week or two without it I’m ok, and I never thought that would happen.

Bill’s Story

The description of not having an “off switch”—I mean that was totally me. And I think naltrexone gave me that off switch—and then once I had the off switch, I had what I needed in order to deal with the entire issue that I was facing.

Rich’s Story

They are very warm and welcoming, and will meet you where you’re at. If you’re in a very bad place, they’re happy to take you in. If you’re in a pretty good place, but could maybe address this problem a little bit more, they’ll still take you in, you know, they’ll still talk to you, they’ll still accept you.

Before your program I was a daily drinker. Mostly wine but mostly the entire bottle in one sitting. Since taking your counseling and the miracle drug naltrexone, I am finally rid of the temptation to drink.*
Maria's review of ria health
Ria Health is a life-changer. I have done AA, and four or five stays at rehab and IOPs that really didn’t help at all. With Ria Health, after less than one year, I don’t even think about drinking anymore. This was the best money I have ever spent on dealing with alcohol addiction!*
mark's review of ria health
Through Ria’s program, I gained the ability to control my drinking. My coach gave me tools to better understand why I drink and to see the bigger picture. The medication was also a life-saver…I am happy to say after ten years of heavy drinking, I no longer abuse alcohol!*
ria health
Monitoring my intake with the breathalyzer [included in the program] was a motivation to not drink too much, as well as taking naltrexone an hour before, which caused me to pause and delay my drinking. I now have much better awareness around my drinking, and my cravings for alcohol are gone.*
ria health
New Jersey
This program gave me an awareness of my drinking, my trends, and triggers, and a better ability to stop drinking too much.*
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New York
Before discovering Ria, I often drank more than I intended and many times experienced blackouts. I tried everything under the sun to solve this problem but nothing seemed to stick. I began to feel as though I would have to either live a life of overwhelming discipline or a life of miserable regret. With Ria and naltrexone, I have been able to find control, responsibility, and for the first time, balance in my life. Thank you Ria!*
Rich K Review
Rich K
Ria’s program gave me much needed room to breathe, and re-calibrate my relationship with alcohol.*
ria health

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Very happy with this program. Inexpensive with my insurance and actual results! I was literally hopeless before giving this place a try. After only a month I had already achieved amazing results! Very easy program to follow with a convenient in-app counselor session scheduler. My counselor also always calls on time and is very nice.*

RiaHealth is very supportive, with a great staff who check in with you regularly. Right now I am right on track for my personal goals. Great program!*

You changed my life, my perspectives and ability to choose.*

Ria Health has been the best experience I’ve ever encountered. The care teams are so professional and personal for my well-being. I enjoy the one on one counseling and mentoring. The program has made me accountable for my actions and a stronger person in life. I would recommend Ria Health 100%.*

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