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Moderation as an Option

Abstinence is no longer the only choice. Medications and new technology have made it possible for some people to cut back on alcohol, without quitting completely.

Drinking in Moderation is Possible for Some People

We often hear that abstinence is the only solution to problem drinking, but over the past few decades other options have emerged. The medication naltrexone, for example, has been shown to help people relearn moderation by blocking the pleasurable effects of alcohol. The Sinclair Method, which makes use of this drug, has a 78% long-term success rate.

At Ria, we believe in harm reduction—using whichever strategy will make the biggest difference in a person’s health. We support abstinence when it’s the best fit, but we also believe that moderation can be the best path for many people. Our approach gets results: On average, our members reduce their drinking by 75% within 12 months.

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5 Reasons Moderate Drinking Can Sometimes Be a Better Goal than Abstinence

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Is Moderation the Right Choice for Me?

Have you tried quitting several times and found long-term abstinence just didn’t work for you?

Ria’s program allows you to choose moderation or abstinence. Our members set their own goals, and our medical team customizes treatment to their needs. We offer many treatment options, so if one approach doesn’t work for you, you can always try another.

Have you tried 12 step programs or AA and found that you didn’t agree with the philosophy?

Ria Health meets you where you are. We don’t require you to subscribe to any perspective to get help, or even require you to identify as an alcoholic. Whatever your goals or needs may be, we’ll support you in changing your relationship with alcohol. Whether you are looking to drink in moderation or completely quit, we will build a custom program for your goals.

Are you too busy to put your life on hold for rehab? Does it seem too expensive, without enough long-term support?

Our convenient app lets you do things on your schedule, from anywhere, without ever having to visit a doctor’s office or rehab center. Our program is designed to be affordable over a 12 month period, giving you ongoing support for long enough to establish real change.

Can Moderation Really Work?

Ria member Rich K discusses his struggles with abstinence, and his success with moderation through Ria’s program:


[Ria’s program] has literally solved a problem for me that I did not think was actually a problem to be solved, ever. I thought that I’d either have to be going through painful, awful uncertainty with continuing drinking, or a very, very painful certainty of being sober all the time…*

– Rich K in Ohio

Interested in trying moderation-based treatment?

Ria’s program is designed to help you moderate or quit drinking from home, without putting your life on hold. All of our methods are evidence-based, and are accessible through our convenient, HIPAA-compliant app.

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