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Online Alcohol Treatment: An Overview for Those Seeking Help

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a common problem in the United States, and many people are looking for ways to quit drinking or lower their consumption. While traditional in-person treatment remains a popular choice, technological advances have created another option: online alcohol treatment.

By this point, most of us have heard of telehealth. But when it comes to alcohol recovery, how does online treatment work, and is it really as effective?

The answer, in many cases, is yes. But the details matter when it comes to choosing the approach that is best for you. Below, we’ll explore what online alcohol treatment is, how it differs from in-person treatment, requirements, types of therapy offered, privacy and confidentiality, costs, and how to know if it’s a good match.

What is Online Alcohol Treatment?

Online alcohol treatment means getting support for alcohol use disorder through virtual channels—usually through a computer or mobile device. Often, this includes online meetings with physicians, therapists, and counselors through video chat, attending virtual support groups, and an app-based platform offering access to educational materials. Some programs, such as Ria Health, also offer prescription medication and digital progress-tracking tools.

Is Online Alcohol Treatment Effective Compared to In-Person Treatment?

Studies have shown that online alcohol treatment can be just as effective as in-person treatment—in some cases even more so. There are several reasons for this. For example, the convenience and privacy of online treatment might make a person more likely to stick with it for the long haul. However, it’s important to note that what works for one person may not work for another: each individual’s recovery experience is unique.

Pros of Online Alcohol Treatment:

  • Convenient: Online treatment allows individuals to receive therapy from the comfort of their own home, eliminating travel and scheduling barriers.
  • Privacy: Getting help online allows people more privacy and anonymity than in-person treatment, which can help bypass some of the stigma of addiction.
  • Accessibility: For those who live in rural areas or are otherwise far from in-person care, online treatment makes help much easier to reach.
  • Flexibility: Because it can be done from anywhere, without extra travel time, online alcohol treatment is easier to fit within a person’s busy schedule.
  • Cost: Online treatment is often significantly cheaper than in-person treatment.

Conventional Rehab vs. Telehealth

Conventional Rehab Online Treatment
Often requires you to pause your daily life to get help Fits seamlessly into your daily life, on your schedule
Requires travel to appointments or a long-term stay Can happen from the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access
May cost thousands per month Significantly more affordable
Typically focuses on an abstinence-only approach Customization allows you to choose between abstinence or cutting back
Can be challenging and expensive to maintain long-term Makes long-term support affordable, flexible, and accessible
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Requirements for Participating in Online Treatment

To participate in online alcohol treatment, individuals typically need access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection and a webcam. Otherwise, online programs are generally open to anyone.

Depending on the program, online alcohol treatment offers an array of therapy options and techniques. Among the most common are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps people reset their thinking patterns, and motivational interviewing (MI), aimed at reducing ambivalence and helping a person move forward with change.

Online alcohol treatment programs typically use secure and encrypted platforms to protect the privacy and confidentiality of their clients. Additionally, therapists and counselors are bound by professional ethics (and laws like HIPAA) to maintain the confidentiality of their clients, and to not disclose any information about their clients to others without their permission.

The type and level of interaction with a therapist during online treatment varies depending on the program. Most programs offer some combination of real-time video conferencing and messaging or email. In the case of Ria Health, members get weekly online meetings with a licensed counselor, where they discuss their progress, setbacks, and goals while learning new coping skills.

Yes, online treatment generally comes at a monthly or yearly rate, although it is generally cheaper than in-person rehab. In some cases, the program may be covered by insurance, and in some cases not. Other related costs might include paying for prescription medication or additional health-related tests to ensure your safety during treatment.

For those without a smartphone, laptop, or internet connection, online alcohol treatment may not be feasible, and it may be necessary to seek in-person treatment. However, some counseling services might be available over an ordinary phone line. And there are some free in-person options, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART, which may be helpful if cost is an issue.

Yes, although the specifics depend on the programs involved. For example, some people attending online treatment may also attend in-person support groups. Others who are attending a brick-and-mortar outpatient program might seek additional online coaching. However, since both programs will likely require a certain amount of money and time, it might be best to choose one that covers all of your needs, to make the recovery process more simple. Once again, this depends on the needs of the individual.
In summary, online alcohol treatment is a strong option for those seeking help in quitting drinking or reducing their alcohol consumption. It provides individuals with the convenience and privacy of receiving treatment from their own home, while still receiving support and guidance from a licensed therapist or counselor. Ultimately, your own unique goals and needs will determine whether online treatment is the right answer for you.

Online Alcohol Treatment With Ria Health

Ria Health uses telehealth to make evidence-based treatment easier to access than ever before. We only use methods backed by scientific research, proven effective in helping people cut back or quit drinking. Because we are app-based, it’s much simpler to tailor treatment to each person’s unique needs. Each member gets a custom plan, and 24/7 access to resources that help them stay on track.

What Can I Expect If I Join Ria Health?

Here’s what a typical Ria Health member journey looks like:

While many members see strong results within the first several months, most choose to stay with us for a full year to establish lasting change.

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Is Telemedicine Treatment With Ria Health Confidential?

Ria Health is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth treatment program, ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality for our members. We encrypt all your data and secure it on HIPAA-compliant physical servers. We will never sell your data, and we will never discuss your data with anyone without your permission. You decide when and where to talk to us, and we’ll contact you only through our secure app.

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Is Ria Health’s Telemedicine Program Available in My State?

Yes, Ria Health is available nationwide, to all US residents. See our full list of locations here.

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