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9 Tips for Quitting Alcohol: Key Strategies For Kicking the Habit

tips for quitting alcohol woman by shoreline

If you’ve decided that it’s time to quit or cut back on alcohol, we congratulate you. We also know that the search for the most effective strategy can be daunting. These nine tips for quitting alcohol should serve as a good starting point. Included are important things to keep in mind when creating a plan […]

How Alcohol Affects Women’s Hormones, Before and After Menopause

leap to freedom from alcohol control

According to recent statistics, women are drinking more than they used to. This doesn’t always mean they are drinking to excess, but it does mean more attention is needed on alcohol and women’s health. One often overlooked issue is how alcohol affects women’s hormones. The impact of alcohol on women’s health is complex, but one […]

5 Ways Medication Can Make Quitting Alcohol Easier

medication to make quitting easier people on hammock

Cutting back or quitting drinking is a challenge for many people. It’s not unusual for someone to make several attempts before finding success. This is where medication for alcoholism can make a huge difference. By helping you control the physical aspects of addiction, medication can give you the edge you need to overcome dependence. Here […]

Self-Medicating with Alcohol: How Combining Treatments Can Help You Quit

sel-medicating with alcohol walking in the desert

Fighting addiction is rarely easy, and it can be especially hard if you drink to self-medicate. This is not an unusual situation to be in, and it can make finding the right treatment both confusing and discouraging. We’ve heard from people who have kicked their physical dependence on alcohol, only to start again because of […]

Antabuse and the Birth of Medication for Alcoholism

Antabuse was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark

Medication to treat alcoholism continues to gain popularity. Naltrexone in particular has earned a loyal following for its ability to limit alcohol cravings. Things weren’t always so easy, however. Once upon a time, there were no medication options for alcohol addiction. Disulfiram, commercially known as Antabuse, occupies an important place in the history of alcohol […]

Recovery Coaching: How Does it Work and How Can it Help?

recovery coaching: two people talking at sunset

Treatment for addiction is evolving at a fast pace. Elsewhere in this blog we have explored the advantages of medication assisted treatment, as well as telemedicine. There is, however, another major shift happening in how substance abuse is treated: The expansion of recovery coaching. What is Recovery Coaching? While medication to treat alcoholism can make […]

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