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Zoloft and Alcohol: Avoiding a Risky Combination

zoloft and alcohol man walking on cliff

An increasing number of Americans are taking antidepressants, and Zoloft is among the most popular. While this drug can help people re-establish healthy serotonin levels, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. While it may not be discussed often enough, combining this drug with alcohol can have some serious side effects. And […]

Sober Curious vs. Harm Reduction: Which is Best For You?

Sober Curious vs Harm Reduction

You may have seen terms like “sober curious” or “mindful drinking” popping up a lot recently. Both may sound appealing, but what do they actually mean? Is “sober curious” just another word for drinking moderately? How is the idea different from phrases like harm reduction or moderation management? Ultimately, all of these terms are about […]

How to Cure a Hangover: 4 Remedies You May Have in Your Cabinet

how to cure a hangover

If you clicked on this article, chances are it’s because you’ve experienced the misery brought on by a night of too many drinks—and you never want to feel that way again. While there’s no true “cure” for hangovers, there are a few things you may already have in your home that may ease your suffering. […]

What Is the Sinclair Method for Alcohol Addiction?

The Sinclair Method can help you regain control over alcohol

If you’re struggling to drink “normally,” but don’t want to quit drinking altogether, you should know that abstinence isn’t the only option. There’s also the Sinclair Method. The Sinclair Method can significantly reduce your drinking without requiring you to quit cold turkey. Although the treatment hasn’t gained much traction in the U.S. yet, it’s affordable, […]

Dry January Tips to Make it Easier to Drink Less

Dry January

January is a great month to cut back your drinking for a few reasons. Many people are drinking less as a New Year’s resolution, so there’s typically less alcohol around. People are tired from the holidays, so there are fewer social events. Plus, it’s Dry January. To participate in Dry January, you can stop drinking […]

Dry January Is Coming: Here Are 31 Things to Do Other than Drink

There are lots of things to do during Dry January other than drink

After the countless drinking opportunities during the holiday season, some people decide to start the new year with a break from alcohol. In short, they opt for a Dry January. Quitting or cutting back on your drinking can improve your health and save money, and it’s a great New Year’s resolution. But it can be […]

Naltrexone Side Effects and Uses for Alcohol Addiction: Is it Right for You?

Naltrexone reduces alcohol cravings

If you want to cut back or quit drinking, 12-step or abstinence-based programs aren’t the only options. In fact, research shows that many people have more success when they combine anti-craving medications with personalized one-on-one support, and are able to set their own goals around alcohol, rather than abide by the goals of a program. One […]

Baclofen: How a Muscle Relaxant Can Reduce Alcohol Cravings

Baclofen can reduce alcohol cravings

Whether you want to stop drinking completely or just cut back, there’s a treatment option you may have not considered: medication. There are several prescription drugs that can help treat alcohol addiction. Luckily, these options don’t require abstinence and can be highly effective. In this post, we’re focusing on how baclofen can help reduce cravings and why […]

Gabapentin and Alcohol Addiction: Can it Reduce Cravings?

Sun rising over snow-covered mountains

Many people don’t know that there are medications for alcohol addiction, but they are often more effective than abstinence-based programs. One of these medications is gabapentin. Whether you want to stop drinking completely, cut down, or need something to help with withdrawal symptoms, this medication may help. In this post, we’ll discuss gabapentin’s effectiveness in […]

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