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Alcohol and Chronic Pain: Does Drinking Hurt More Than It Helps?

man leaning against the wall with his hands pressed against his temples

People have used alcohol to numb or relieve pain since ancient times. It’s even a popular TV trope: characters in old-time dramas are often shown downing whiskey or vodka as bullets are extracted and wounds are patched up. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism1 (NIAAA), as many as 28 percent of […]

Alcohol & Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Is There a Connection?

white narcissus flower, narcissism and alcohol

When it comes to alcohol addiction and narcissism, there are some uncanny similarities that can leave loved ones confused, frustrated, and emotionally drained. But how can you tell if you’re dealing with a narcissist or an alcoholic? Is it true that a person is more likely to become an alcoholic if they’re also narcissistic? Below, […]

Does Alcohol Affect Your Athletic Performance?

runner crouching at the starting line

Whether you’re a casual jogger or a pro athlete, the effects of alcohol on athletic performance can seem like a mystery. Countless athletes embrace drinking as part of their routine, while still seemingly performing at the top of their game. Others avoid alcohol entirely, claiming abstinence keeps them in better shape. So which is it? […]

All About Fatty Liver—How Much Do You Know?

liver disease

Though the phrase “fatty liver” may sound like a restaurant specialty (or something from a second-rate nightclub comedian) the term is nothing to joke about. Also known as hepatic steatosis, it occurs when the liver starts to be surrounded by too much fat. It is one of three conditions1 that can be accelerated by alcohol […]

Liver Disease Is On The Rise: How Can You Protect Your Health?

ambulance racing to the hospital

While COVID-19 has dominated our lives for the past year, other serious public health problems have been growing in the background. In 2020, hospitals from Michigan to California began reporting a staggering 30 percent increase in alcohol-related liver disease. Even with vaccines rolling out across the nation, this “pandemic within a pandemic1” may continue long […]

Alcohol, Hazing, and College Drinking

crowd gathered outdoors at a college party

Along with football games, dorm life, and late-night study sessions, alcohol consumption is a staple of the college experience for many people. In a national survey1, 53 percent of college students consumed alcohol in the last month, and 33 percent engaged in binge drinking (defined as 4-5 drinks or more within 2 hours). While these […]

Finding Healthy Routines in Recovery: 5 New Habits to Replace Drinking

hands holding alarm clock on blue background

One of the ironies of excessive drinking is that while it can look or feel chaotic, it’s often actually driven by routine and ritual. Whether it’s a habit of going to the bar every Friday with friends or relaxing after work with a bottle of wine, alcohol abuse is often part of people’s routines, and […]

How To Avoid Another Alcohol Relapse

people holding hands over coffee, finding support

Alcohol use disorder is a serious condition. Recovery takes time, patience, and perseverance. While some people never relapse after getting sober or reducing their alcohol consumption, many people experience setbacks. You can recover, even if you’ve experienced this challenging obstacle. Relapse is an opportunity to better understand yourself and your journey. It may even help you find a […]

The Non-Alcoholic Beverage Explosion

non-alcoholic beverages

In the last few years, the demand for non-alcoholic drinks has gone through the roof. As more people choose to either limit alcohol or forego it altogether, many entrepreneurs (and established companies) have created tastier, better options for non-alcoholic imbibing. We’ll explore some of these beverages, though we emphasize and underline that we have no […]

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