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Ria Wins First Prize at Ignite Fire Pitch Competition in Houston

Last June, Ria Health’s chief financial officer, Jen Douglas, met the women who run the Ignite Healthcare Network Fire Pitch Competition. Sponsored by the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute and the Texas Halo Fund, the competition recognizes healthcare companies founded and led by women. Over the next few months, Jen spent a considerable amount of […]

9 Mental Health Apps to Help You Reset Your Habits

mental health apps sitting on the beach

Mental health care is among our society’s greatest needs, yet it’s also one of the most neglected. Mental health apps are giving people convenient new ways to get help without breaking the bank or upending their schedule. From depression and anxiety, to addiction and other challenging behavior patterns, below are nine of the best ways […]

The Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Connection between trauma and addiction mutual support

For years, researchers, scientists, and families affected by substance abuse have wondered, “What causes addiction?” Why do some people become addicted to substances, while others do not? Genetics can play a role, as can experimentation with drugs and alcohol at an early age. But research also shows a strong connection between addiction and childhood trauma. […]

Did You Know that September is National Recovery Month?

national recovery month woman walking on forest road

Addiction and mental illness are issues that affect our lives and communities every day. National Recovery Month, sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) every September, is a great opportunity to bring these stories into the open, reduce stigma, and seek solutions. While we place special focus on this topic in […]

Sober October—Health Benefits, and Tips For Making it Through

From the final week of Oktoberfest, through that spookiest of holidays, Halloween, October offers many opportunities to share drinks with friends. It might surprise you, then, to learn that many people have started taking this month off from drinking. Sober October has joined Dry January as a chance to take a break from alcohol. While […]

Public Image and Private Reality: Celebrities and Alcohol

Constantly in the spotlight, triumphs and foibles of celebrities are magnified to the umpteenth degree. And the rise of social media has only increased the scrutiny. Further, many famous people feel obligated to project an image that everything is fine, when sometimes in real life that is not the case. But that “public image vs. […]

9 Tips for Quitting Alcohol: Key Strategies For Kicking the Habit

tips for quitting alcohol woman by shoreline

If you’ve decided that it’s time to quit or cut back on alcohol, we congratulate you. We also know that the search for the most effective strategy can be daunting. These nine tips for quitting alcohol should serve as a good starting point. Included are important things to keep in mind when creating a plan […]

Does Alcohol Cause Inflammation? Drinking and the Risk of Chronic Illness

alcohol and inflammation rushing water

As scientists investigate the causes of dangerous and deadly diseases, they’ve found one factor common to almost all of them: chronic inflammation. Could alcohol be connected? Chronic inflammation plays a role in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and possibly depression. It’s also been linked to alcohol-related medical conditions, like liver disease. Recent research suggests […]

How Alcohol Affects Women’s Hormones, Before and After Menopause

alcohol and women's hormones woman leaping in a field

According to recent statistics, women are drinking more than they used to. This doesn’t always mean they are drinking to excess, but it does mean more attention is needed on alcohol and women’s health. One often overlooked issue is how alcohol affects women’s hormones. The impact of alcohol on women’s health is complex, but one […]

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