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My Wife Wants Me to Quit Drinking: What Should I Do?

woman holding coffee cup, wife wants me to quit drinking

Alcohol is a common cause of disagreements between couples, especially if one partner drinks more heavily than the other. Often, these disagreements spiral into unproductive arguments about whether one partner is or is not an alcoholic, and whether they need to quit drinking. Tension and resentment can build up, leaving both partners frustrated and unhappy.  […]

Talking to Your College-Aged Child About Alcohol

college students

College drinking has become an activity many students see as inseparable from their higher education experience.  As a parent, you can significantly impact your children’s decisions about alcohol, even into their college years. While graduation is certainly a time to celebrate, talking with your high school graduates1 about the dangers of alcohol could prevent problems […]

How Does Alcohol Make You Drunk?

brain cells biology

Recently, psychologist Dr. Judith Grisel posted an engaging TEDx video1 that illustrates how alcohol makes you drunk. The film shows how alcohol travels through the body, and the effects. Many people who drink are likely unaware of exactly what happens to that martini. Directed by animator Anton Bogaty2, the film is narrated with a lovely […]

Alcohol Consumption: How Much Is Too Much?


It seems that there’s a study published each week that boasts the health benefits of alcoholic beverages. Let’s toast to our good health, right? Not quite. Unfortunately, it turns out that even moderate levels of drinking can be detrimental. The cumulative effects of drinking beer, wine, or spirits can take their toll. One study, published in […]

COVID-19, Quarantine, Parents, Alcohol Use—and Children

parents children COVID-19

In August 2020, a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation1 noted the stress levels of parents in the US due to COVID-19. As time goes on, parents and their children—and mothers, in particular—have been suffering more stress. What the article doesn’t mention is that many of these stressed-out parents are using alcohol to cope—in fact, […]

How To Talk To Your Partner About Your Addiction

two men by water, talk to your partner about your addiction

It’s normal to feel nervous about sharing your addiction struggles with a partner. Like many people, you may want to stop or cut back on alcohol. However, you may wonder how to tell a loved one you’re addicted to alcohol, or struggling with drinking too much. Here are seven tips for having this important discussion, […]

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Detox You From Alcohol?

apple tree, does apple cider vinegar detox alcohol

Apple cider vinegar is a popular health food, with many touted benefits—including weight loss, a boosted immune system, and improved skin health. It’s even been cited as a way to help your body recover from alcohol misuse. But are vinegar-based cleanses really helpful in recovery? Does apple cider vinegar detox alcohol from your body after […]

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