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How Alcohol Affects Women’s Hormones, Before and After Menopause

alcohol and women's hormones woman leaping in a field

According to recent statistics, women are drinking more than they used to. This doesn’t always mean they are drinking to excess, but it does mean more attention is needed on alcohol and women’s health. One often overlooked issue is how alcohol affects women’s hormones. The impact of alcohol on women’s health is complex, but one […]

5 Ways Medication Can Make Quitting Alcohol Easier

medication to make quitting easier people on hammock

Cutting back or quitting drinking is a challenge for many people. It’s not unusual for someone to make several attempts before finding success. This is where medication for alcoholism can make a huge difference. By helping you control the physical aspects of addiction, medication can give you the edge you need to overcome dependence. Here […]

Is Sobriety the New Black? How Sober Socializing is Taking Over

sober socializing man in black shirt

Whenever a hot new trend pops up, it’s often referred to as “the new black.” Often this involves fashion, music, or social activities. But one of the latest movements to gain traction may surprise some people—has sober socializing become cool? The answer for many people, especially millennials, is a resounding “yes.”  While socializing may once […]

Self-Medicating with Alcohol: How Combining Treatments Can Help You Quit

sel-medicating with alcohol walking in the desert

Fighting addiction is rarely easy, and it can be especially hard if you drink to self-medicate. This is not an unusual situation to be in, and it can make finding the right treatment both confusing and discouraging. We’ve heard from people who have kicked their physical dependence on alcohol, only to start again because of […]

Antabuse and the Birth of Medication for Alcoholism

antabuse's birthplace in Denmark

Medication to treat alcoholism continues to gain popularity. Naltrexone in particular has earned a loyal following for its ability to limit alcohol cravings. Things weren’t always so easy, however. Once upon a time, there were no medication options for alcohol addiction. Disulfiram, commercially known as Antabuse, occupies an important place in the history of alcohol […]

Children of Alcoholics: Common Patterns and Helpful Resources

children of alcoholics, girls holding hands in a field

Growing up with parents who drink excessively is more common than you might think. According to recent studies, as many as 7.5 million children are living with at least one parent who struggles with alcohol addiction. This translates to nearly one in five American adults having grown up under these circumstances. Clearly this doesn’t prevent […]

Zoloft and Alcohol: Avoiding a Risky Combination

zoloft and alcohol man walking on cliff

An increasing number of Americans are taking antidepressants, and Zoloft is among the most popular. While this drug can help people re-establish healthy serotonin levels, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. While it may not be discussed often enough, combining this drug with alcohol can have some serious side effects. And […]

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