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Do Ride-Sharing Apps and Services Increase Alcohol Consumption?

driver talking to rider

Drinking and driving is a non-starter. This dangerous practice puts the lives of drivers, passengers, and everyone else on the road at risk. With the advent of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, people have a cost-effective and convenient method of making their way home after a night of heavy drinking. These apps appear to […]

Naltrexone Interactions: Is It Safe To Combine With Other Medications?

hand holding several brightly colored pills

If you’ve been prescribed naltrexone, or you’re considering taking it to help you cut back on alcohol, you may be wondering if it’s safe to mix it with other medications. Many Americans take one or more prescription drugs, and it can be confusing—but also important—to understand which combinations are safe. Fortunately, naltrexone (and its injectable […]

How Do Beer and Alcohol Affect Your Cholesterol?

several people toasting beer glasses over a cholesterol heavy meal

38 percent of Americans suffer from high cholesterol1, and many also consume large amounts of alcohol. While the two issues are not necessarily linked—smoking, diet, and exercise are also major factors—there does appear to be a connection between how much you drink and your cholesterol levels. But is drinking always bad for your cholesterol? How […]

What Happens If You Drink Alcohol and Take LSD?

hand holding glass full of colorful candy with purple background

When you think of LSD (otherwise known as acid), you might imagine hippies, festivals, and the 1960s. But the truth is that people take LSD in many contexts, including parties and clubs—two places where alcohol is frequently found. Considering this, it’s not uncommon for people to combine these two substances. But can you drink while […]

Treating Addiction With Psychedelics: Could It Help Cure Alcoholism?

beakers filled with colorful marbles and liquid

With millions of Americans struggling with substance use disorders, there’s an ongoing, dire need for more effective treatment options. One possible cure that’s reemerging is one many people might not expect: psychedelics. Psychedelics (drugs that cause hallucinations) were researched as a potential treatment for depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders until the 1970s, when research […]

Can You Drink Alcohol & Take Molly/Ecstasy (MDMA)?

cocktail glass with silver sparkles

Whether at a festival, rave, or concert, the party scene often involves people mixing substances to have a good time. One common combination of substances is ecstasy (aka molly or MDMA) and alcohol. But can you drink on molly without taking significant risks? And how can you feel better the morning after—or even the night […]

How to Remove Wine Stains from Your Teeth

wine and cheese platter on table

Wine is arguably the alcohol with the best reputation. It’s seen as classier and more socially acceptable, and we often hear that drinking it in moderation even offers some health benefits. Like other types of alcohol, however, wine can have a negative impact on both your physical health and appearance over time, including tooth stains. […]

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