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Is It Safe To Drink and Take Painkillers?

hand holding a pink pill

Many people with chronic pain take some form of medication, and also sometimes drink alcohol. In fact, since alcohol can numb physical pain1, it’s quite common for people to drink and also take painkillers. Even people experiencing temporary pain—including hangover symptoms—often down an ibuprofen or two after drinking alcohol. But is it really safe to […]

Alcoholic Gastritis: What It Is, and How To Treat it

woman in blue sweater clutching stomach

Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach caused by damage to its lining by irritants. Alcohol use is one of the most common causes. While symptoms are sometimes mild, gastritis can leave you feeling quite ill, and can lead to life-threatening complications in certain cases. Below, we’ll discuss the basics of gastritis and alcohol, how you […]

Stigma and Alcohol Use: A Recovery Coach’s Perspective

destigmatizing addiction close friends looking at horizon

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is something that millions in the United States struggle to manage on a daily basis. Despite this, only a small percentage of individuals actually seek out treatment for AUD1. And from my perspective as a recovery coach, one of the main reasons for this is the stigma around alcohol addiction. Stigma […]

What Are the Benefits of Telehealth?

doctor using a telemedicine app

Telemedicine, or telehealth, is becoming increasingly popular as a way to access care remotely. Patients can talk with a doctor or therapist over video chat, access their medical data digitally, and even fill prescriptions via online pharmacies. COVID-19 has made telehealth especially useful, as people seek to avoid the spread of disease while still getting […]

9 Best Recovery Anthems: Building Your Recovery Playlist

lead singer on a stage with smoke and lights

Music is a well-loved way to celebrate, connect with others, and express yourself. No matter what you’re going through, sometimes one song is all it takes to boost your spirits and get you back on track. For people in recovery, songs about addiction can be a powerful source of inspiration. Certain lyrics and melodies can […]

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