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Acamprosate Rewires Your Brain to Reduce Alcohol Cravings

Acamprosate rewires your brain to reduce alcohol cravings

There are several medications that work to reduce drinking, but how do they differ? Here we continue to explore the ins and outs of each of these medications—this time, we’re looking at acamprosate. We’ll explain what it is, how it works, its pros and cons, and how it compares to other medications. What Is Acamprosate? […]

The Sinclair Method Reviews: “It Totally Works”

Almost all of our survey-takers said they'd recommend the Sinclair Method

The Sinclair Method, or TSM, is pretty simple—just take a dose of FDA-approved naltrexone one hour before the start of a drinking session to significantly reduce alcohol cravings. You can learn more about it here. And while TSM doesn’t work for everyone, it’s proven extremely effective for a lot of people. We recently surveyed Reddit […]

Alcohol-Related Cirrhosis Is Killing More Young People—But There’s Hope

Telemedicine can help curb the increase in alcohol-related cirrhosis deaths among young people

Cirrhosis deaths have grown significantly in recent years, and experts cite alcohol as a major cause of these fatalities. That’s according to a recent study published in the journal BMJ. The number of deaths linked to liver disease increased by 65 percent from 1999-2016. Moreover, adults aged 25-34 experienced the largest relative increase in mortality. […]

Want to Protect Your Brain? Mind Your Drinking Habits

Alcohol has short-term and long-term effects on the brain

Among all the major organs of the body, the brain is uniquely irreplaceable. While artificial devices and medications might fill in for an ailing pancreas or kidney, for example, there’s no artificial substitute that can do your thinking for you. Nor is the brain replaceable via organ transplant (outside of science-fiction movies). That’s why you […]

How You Can Change Your Relationship With Alcohol—Without Ending It

Change your relationship to alcohol without ending it

Do you want to change your relationship with alcohol so that you drink less, or less often? You can with Ria Health’s support. From the security and comfort of your home, you can access the telehealth platform. It includes digital tools, medication, and a counseling program tailored to your needs and personal goals—and it’s backed […]

What Is the Sinclair Method for Alcohol Addiction?

The Sinclair Method can help you regain control over alcohol

If you’re struggling to drink “normally,” but don’t want to quit drinking altogether, you should know that abstinence isn’t the only option. There’s also the Sinclair Method. The Sinclair Method can significantly reduce your drinking without requiring you to quit cold turkey. Although the treatment hasn’t gained much traction in the U.S. yet, it’s affordable, […]

Yes, Opioids Are Everywhere—But So Is Alcohol

We know about the opioid epidemic. What about the alcohol epidemic?

Every new day seems to bring fresh headlines about the modern-day plague of opioid addiction. There’s certainly plenty of news to report on the subject: According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, opioid overdoses kill more than 130 Americans every day. Meanwhile, abuse of prescription opioids costs the nation some $78.5 billion per year […]

5 Reasons Moderate Drinking May Be a Better Goal than Abstinence

Moderate drinking may be a better and more attainable goal than abstinence

Alcohol abuse affects millions of people, a lot of whom want to change their drinking habits. But if you look around, you’ll find that most treatment programs—like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and rehab facilities—only promote complete abstinence. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that, thanks to scientific breakthroughs of the last few decades […]

Struggling with Alcohol Dependence? Don’t Go to AA, Go Online

Telemedicine is more flexible, more convenient—and often more effective—than traditional treatments like rehab or AA.

We live in an age of informational self-empowerment. When you want the answer to a pressing question or problem, where do you look first? Many of us turn to the web for helpful tips, solutions, and guidance. And it helps if we know and trust the authenticity and usefulness of that information. Today, we can […]

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