Online Alcohol Help in Alabama

Want to curb your alcohol intake, but don’t want the disruption of checking into an inpatient facility? Virtual alcohol care in Alabama may be a better fit. At Ria Health, we offer telehealth options for people in Alabama who want to decrease their alcohol intake without rehab or AA. 

Unlike many other services, Ria Health doesn’t require you to get sober right away — or ever, if that’s not your goal. We’ll build your plan around what you want, whether that’s cutting back on drinking or stopping entirely. And you won’t ever have to leave home.

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Ria’s flexible telehealth alcohol treatment program offers people throughout Alabama a safe and effective way to quit drinking, or reduce their intake.

Online Alcohol Help Throughout Alabama

Our telehealth program offers encouragement and effective alcohol treatment solutions to people living in Birmingham and throughout Alabama. There are no in-person office visits, ever. Instead, you’ll receive convenient and secure alcohol treatment through our HIPAA-compliant app, anywhere in the state. Medical check-ins, coaching, and more are all managed remotely.

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Who Uses Online Alcohol Programs? 

We design our services for people who want to continue their daily lives while changing their relationship with alcohol. We can provide treatment on your schedule, ensuring you don’t miss work, family obligations, or any other demands on your time. 


Our online alcohol treatment program offers many benefits for Alabama residents:

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How It Works

Why Choose Virtual Alcohol Care in Alabama? 

Committing to inpatient rehab isn’t realistic for many people. Most of these programs require abstinence from alcohol just to get started. They also demand patients stay for weeks or months in a care facility. That’s not going to work for a busy person who holds a job and has a family. Plus, traditional programs don’t take into account that some people want to curb their drinking rather than cutting it out entirely. 

Ria Health provides an alternative for Alabama residents. You can get treatment on your own terms — we’ll meet you where you are in every sense.


How Does Telehealth Alcohol Care Work?

During treatment, you’ll use the Ria Health app to connect with your coach and physician. After you sign up for our services and receive approval, we’ll send you a Bluetooth breathalyzer to help you track your progress. 

We’ll also set up a virtual meeting between you and a member of our medical team so you can go over your goals and your medical history. We’ll build your treatment plan based on that info. Your individualized program might include: 

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No matter where you live in Alabama, Ria Health is just a few swipes away. Our team is here to help you change your relationship with alcohol for the better. If you’re ready to get started, scheduline a phone call or sign up for our service online today. 

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