Virtual Alcohol Care in Massachusetts

Abstinence is not the only way to address troubling drinking habits. If you don’t feel that AA or traditional rehab are right for you, Ria Health is available in Massachusetts. We offer evidence-based online alcohol treatment that fits in the palm of your hand, through the Ria Health app. Our program blends technology, expert guidance, and medication to help you cut back or quit drinking.

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Ria Health works on your schedule to help you achieve your recovery goals and nip problematic drinking in the bud.

Online Alcohol Help Throughout Massachusetts

Ria Health provides convenient telehealth alcohol treatment services to people throughout Massachusetts, including Boston and the Greater Boston Area. Our online program is personalized to your needs, and you never have to visit a doctor’s office. That’s because all Ria services are managed remotely, including medical check-ins and weekly coaching sessions.

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How Does Virtual Alcohol Care in Massachusetts Work?

Ria Health is not rehab. Instead, we’re a unique alcohol treatment approach that uses coaching support, online resources, and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to help you change your relationship with alcohol. While with the program, you’ll receive recovery coaching to help you set goals, confront problematic drinking habits, and work toward real change.

While many members stay with us for 12 months, treatment length is based on your personal needs. Our approach is customized to your recovery objectives—whether those are complete abstinence or drinking in moderation.

The Ria Health approach offers many advantages to people living in Massachusetts:

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How It Works

Do I Need to Seek Alcohol Help?

Whether a friend made a comment that has you concerned, or you’ve noticed some troubling behaviors, you may be wondering—do I need alcohol treatment? Take our short quiz to learn if you could benefit from changing your relationship with alcohol.


What Does the Ria Health Program Offer?

Ria Health members who sign up for virtual alcohol treatment in Massachusetts get valuable tools to help them quit or cut back on alcohol, including:

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Take charge of your drinking with Ria Health. If you’d like to learn how the Ria approach works, we invite you to schedule a call with a member of our team today.

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