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How Telemedicine Is Changing Alcohol Treatment

Ria - telemedicine with C Three

People who are ready to reduce or eliminate their alcohol intake are increasingly turning to telemedicine. But not everyone understands what telemedicine is or how convenient it is to use. The C Three Foundation has partnered with Ria Health to explain telemedicine, why it is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to see […]

10 Alternatives to AA: How Modern Science Can Help You Drink Less

AA-Abstinence-12 Steps-science

Alcohol abuse is a tale as old as time, and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been around since the 1930s. But scientific breakthroughs in the last few decades have brought about effective alternatives to AA. Life-changing medications have been FDA-approved and available for use to treat alcohol use disorder (AUD) for many years, but society—including the […]

“I No Longer Feel Addicted” to Alcohol: People Tell Us About Naltrexone

i no longer feel addicted to alcohol

Naltrexone is a safe, effective medication that has been shown to significantly reduce heavy drinking. But how does naltrexone change one’s relationship to alcohol, and to life? To answer these questions, we asked Reddit users to tell us about their experiences. Over a dozen people responded. Some had been taking the medication for as little […]

Medication Plus Counseling: Why Two Heads Are Better Than One

benefits of medication and counseling

A popular saying states that it “takes a village” to raise a child. After all, it would be tough for a single person—even a parent—to muster all the patience, energy, and resources required for the task. So what makes other Herculean efforts—such as reducing alcohol—any different? When it comes to building healthier drinking habits, some […]

From the Perspective of a Ria Health Member: Part One of Two

Part One- Testimony from a Ria Health Member This is a specific account of one person’s real experience with Ria Health.  Individual results may vary. In Jan’s words: Why I worked with Ria Health for 2 months. Jan is a working mom in her 40s who is currently getting her master’s. She has generously provided […]

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