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Last Updated on July 31, 2019


On Episode 120 of Sober Guy Radio with host Shane Ramer (below, with his guitar), Ria Health founder Dr. John Mendelson gets personal about his experience treating addiction in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. They dive deep into the Ria Health treatment, which combines medication, support, and monitoring with a breathalyzer—all linked to a mobile app to suppress cravings and end addictive habits.


The Sober Guy Podcast, Episode 120

Ending The Denial

Shane was born to young, dysfunctional parents. His father drank every day. “There were some good times I”m sure. The thing is, I can’t really remember any of them,” he notes.

“My father drank on a daily basis…I can’t count the many times the police were called to our house to break up fights or defuse a volatile situation, usually with my younger sister and I caught in the middle.”

After marrying his longtime friend Jess, they had a baby, Lucy. Life was looking good. Shane had a steady job with a Sacramento utility company. But his wife didn’t know that his drinking hadn’t stopped. “Something kept telling me that if I didn’t get help, something terribly bad was about to happen.”

Facing Difficult Questions

He also faced the same questions and dilemmas as others who have recognized their drinking is out of control.

  • What would people think once this “secret” is out in the open?
  • What would my family and friends think?
  • What would my wife think?
  • What does it mean to never have another drink my life?
  • How can I face and make amends to anyone I had hurt?

Shane sought help before substance abuse could further damage his life, and 30 days in an in-house treatment facility allowed him to regain control. The inspiration and insights that led him to seek early help are discussed on his hugely popular podcast.


With early care, your life will be determined by factors other than alcohol. The decision to improve your individual well-being also benefits those you love.


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