Are Wine Subscriptions Making You Drink More?

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During the pandemic, wine subscription sales skyrocketed. Many of us were stuck at home for what felt like forever, and these services seemed like a perfect way to try something new while staying safe.

However, many people are starting to wonder if their monthly wine deliveries are causing them to drink more alcohol than usual.

So, are wine subscriptions making you drink more? Aside from that, does wine have any downsides when it comes to your overall health?

Below, we’ll break down whether or not these subscriptions can impact your drinking habits, along with what you should know about wine and your well-being.

Can Wine Subscriptions Make You Drink More?

Are wine clubs worth it, or will they just lead to you drinking more than usual? What about wine subscriptions?

The truth is that wine clubs and subscriptions both encourage alcohol as a somewhat-regular part of your life—but that doesn’t mean they’re always a bad thing. Lots of people love their wine subscriptions, can stick to drinking in moderation, and don’t notice any negative impacts from signing up.

However, these types of memberships won’t always work well for every person. If you join a wine club or opt for a wine subscription every month, it could negatively impact your drinking habits. Here’s why:

You’re committing to a certain amount of alcohol each month.

For many people, a small wine subscription is perfectly fine. But if your subscription includes six plus bottles every 30 days, you might have a subconscious urge to finish those bottles before your next billing cycle rolls around.

Naturally, you’ll want to get the most out of your subscription.

Just like a gym membership or Netflix subscription, you’ll want to make use of your money. In terms of wine subscriptions, you might find yourself thinking of alcohol frequently and drinking more often than usual.

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What About Weight Gain or Overall Health?

There are mixed reports that wine in moderation can be good for your heart—red wine in particular. But what about its impact on weight and your overall health? Is “wine subscription weight gain” something you should worry about?

The average glass of wine has about 133 calories, which doesn’t seem like a lot on its own. But having two or three glasses every evening on top of your standard calorie intake can take a toll on your weight over time. Try our online alcohol calorie calculator to see how much your wine consumption might be affecting your overall calorie count.

And when it comes to your overall health?

Wine is okay in moderation (which is defined as one drink or less per day for women or two drinks or less per day for men). But, like any alcohol, too much of it can have adverse health effects on your blood pressure, heart health, and raise your risk for a number of chronic health conditions.

Thinking of Ending Your Wine Subscription Service?

If you feel like wine subscriptions are impacting your drinking habits, there’s no shame in canceling your membership.

Perhaps you’ve found a wine that you enjoy for now, and you don’t need to commit to trying several new kinds per month. Or maybe you’ve decided that wine subscriptions just aren’t healthy for your lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, these subscriptions aren’t for everyone—and that’s okay.

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