Virtual Alcohol Care in Georgia

Georgia is an increasingly urban state, and many residents need a convenient and accessible solution for alcohol misuse. If you’re ready to change your drinking habits, Ria Health can help. We offer online alcohol addiction treatment that blends medication, coaching support, and innovative technology—all from an app on your smartphone.


Ria’s program offers a flexible way to quit or cut back on alcohol. Treatment is customized to your unique needs, on your schedule. Our evidence-based methods offer a safe and effective way to end alcohol addiction from the comfort of your Georgia home.

Online Alcohol Help Throughout Georgia

Ria Health offers telehealth alcohol treatment to people throughout Georgia, including Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, and the state’s rural communities. All you need is internet access, and your care will be managed remotely through our HIPAA-compliant app. Medical check-ins and weekly coaching sessions are secure and 100% online, so you never have to worry about in-office visits.


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The Benefits of an Online Alcohol Program in Georgia

Alcohol misuse is a complex problem. Our next-generation solution uses science and technology to make your recovery goals achievable. We combine Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and recovery coaching to help you gradually reduce your alcohol intake, as you address troubling drinking behaviors and work toward overall reduction.

Ria Health is not AA or traditional rehab. Here are some of the distinct benefits of our online program:

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How It Works

What Does the Ria Health Program Offer?

Whether you choose long-term treatment over 12 months, or join month-to-month, our team is committed to helping you establish lasting change. Ria Health members get access to:

Find On-Demand Alcohol Treatment in Georgia

If you’re concerned about your drinking and ready to make a change, learn how Ria’s program works for people throughout Georgia. Schedule a call with a member of our team today.

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