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Virtual Alcohol Treatment

Receive virtual Medication-Assisted Alcohol Treatment online. Let us help you live a better life from the privacy of your home.

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Expert Care At Your Fingertips

Ria Health provides effective alcohol addiction treatment you can use, to help people reduce or stop drinking alcohol. Our expert medical and coaching teams get you started, and help with every step of the program. Consult with them through our mobile app, 24/7.

We Work With Your Schedule

Many people delay getting help for problem drinking: They fear being stigmatized, disruption of their life, and ruinous costs. That’s why we designed our revolutionary new program to work through a simple mobile app. It’s private, convenient, and affordable. Don’t wait until alcohol hurts your health, career, and relationships. Start now.

Drink Less or Not At All

Set your own personal goal, and we’ll help you achieve it. Some want to cut back to moderate drinking, while others want to quit altogether. Whatever your goal, we have hundreds of members just like you, who now drink a fraction of what they used to after joining our program.

Ready to make a change in your relationship with alcohol?

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Ria’s program is designed to help you cut back or quit drinking from home, without having to put your life on hold. All of our methods are evidence-based, and all of them can be accessed using our convenient, HIPAA-compliant app. On average, our members reduce their alcohol consumption by 75% after 12 months in the program.

75% Reduction

How Does Virtual Treatment Work?

It is just like a normal doctor visit but conducted at the privacy of your home. You will receive the same level of consultation and medication assistance as you would in a physical treatment setting but without the need of stopping your day to day activities.

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What Others Are Saying About Our Program

[Ria’s program] has literally solved a problem for me that I did not think was actually a problem to be solved, ever. I thought that I’d either have to be going through painful, awful uncertainty with continuing drinking, or a very, very painful certainty of being sober all the time…*

– Rich K in Ohio

Ria Health has already helped over 1,000 members improve their relationship to alcohol.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is your program?

A. While we recommend individuals to stay on the program for 1 year, we do see great results within 6 months of the program.

Q. How much does your program cost?

A. In most instances insurance covers all if not most of your costs. If you do not have insurance coverage, we do offer affordable payment plans. You can view the payment plans by clicking here. You will be asked some information to make sure that we cover your state.

Q. Do you provide treatment in my state?

A. We are in multiple states in the US and continually growing. Below is a list of the states we are currently in.



New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota

Rhode Island
Washington state

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