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Ria Case Study: Female Winemaker Reduces Her Drinking Using Medication

Rachel has an interesting story and an incredible job. In an industry dominated by drinking, she is a rare female winemaker in Napa Valley. Twenty years ago she started as a sales rep, visiting wine shops and restaurants to “taste” people on the wines she was selling. She worked her way up and has now […]

A Glass of Wine a Day Won’t Keep Heart Failure Away, Says New Study

Think a glass of red wine before bed will keep your heart pounding for years to come? Think again. New evidence suggests alcohol actually raises the risk of dying by a string of deadly, heart-related diseases—and it could take fewer drinks than ever imagined to unleash disaster.. Published in The Lancet last month, a large-scale […]

Parents’ Alcohol Use: 3 Ways It Can Harm Children

When stress, work, and family responsibilities pile up, many are tempted to drink more than usual. Yet once their alcohol consumption starts to snowball, these people may notice themselves shutting out or yelling at their kids as a result—and chances are, their kids have noticed, too. Believe it or not, disordered drinking behaviors can take […]

Ria Case Study: When the Vodka and Soda Took Over

Geno (Stockton, CA) Anxiety can be a challenge for many adults, especially those juggling the pressure of work, and the ongoing needs of family. Oftentimes, alcohol is used as an de-stresser at the end of long and taxing day. When we drink, alcohol changes levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain, which can […]

Medication Plus Counseling: Why Two Heads Are Better Than One

benefits of medication and counseling

A popular saying states that it “takes a village” to raise a child. After all, it would be tough for a single person—even a parent—to muster all the patience, energy, and resources required for the task. So what makes other Herculean efforts—such as reducing alcohol—any different? When it comes to building healthier drinking habits, some […]

John Oliver on Why You Should Rethink Rehab

$73,000 for 30 days. That’s the figure John Oliver quoted for a month’s stay in a well-known addiction rehab center. On Sunday night, Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, delivered a scalding, funny, and occasionally profane rant against the addiction rehabilitation industry—with detours mentioning singer Belinda Carlisle, the phenomenon called equine therapy, and C-3PO from […]

Do You Know “The Four L’s”?

One of the great ironies of alcohol addiction is that sometimes heavy drinkers are able to maintain the appearance of success in spite of their addiction. A high-functioning alcoholic is often able to keep jobs and relationships, stay in relatively good health, and avoid legal trouble. But, perpetuating this illusion involves a delicate balance of […]

How Much Should You Pay for Alcohol Treatment?

One of our members recently said, “You all are a bargain—a super bargain!” Of course, that’s what we like to hear. Alcohol treatment should be affordable to anyone who needs it. But let’s dig a little further into the costs of options. Recent news articles in The New York Times and elsewhere have highlighted the […]

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