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Medication Plus Counseling: Why Two Heads Are Better Than One

benefits of medication and counseling

A popular saying states that it “takes a village” to raise a child. After all, it would be tough for a single person—even a parent—to muster all the patience, energy, and resources required for the task. So what makes other Herculean efforts—such as reducing alcohol—any different? When it comes to building healthier drinking habits, some […]

John Oliver on Why You Should Rethink Rehab

$73,000 for 30 days. That’s the figure John Oliver quoted for a month’s stay in a well-known addiction rehab center. On Sunday night, Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, delivered a scalding, funny, and occasionally profane rant against the addiction rehabilitation industry—with detours mentioning singer Belinda Carlisle, the phenomenon called equine therapy, and C-3PO from […]

Do You Know “The Four L’s”?

One of the great ironies of alcohol addiction is that sometimes heavy drinkers are able to maintain the appearance of success in spite of their addiction. A high-functioning alcoholic is often able to keep jobs and relationships, stay in relatively good health, and avoid legal trouble. But, perpetuating this illusion involves a delicate balance of […]

Alcohol and Diabetes: Are You at Risk?

In the United States, over 30 million people have diabetes. Another 84 million are prediabetic—meaning, their blood glucose levels are higher than normal—and over 90 percent of those are unaware of their condition. When alcohol is brought into the picture, diabetes can be deadly. As Ria Health’s chief medical officer, John E. Mendelson, MD, notes, […]

Rehab Under Fire: The Sober Underbelly of the Recovery Industry

  On January 3, during a time when many Americans were focused on relaxing, cooking, being with family, or recovering from the holidays, The New York Times published a series of articles on the addiction rehabilitation industry. Called Addiction, Inc., the paper took a strong stand on the increasing addiction crisis in the United States. […]

Hangovers: Hydration, Prairie Oysters—and Pickle Juice

Today on Good Morning America, ABC News’ chief medical correspondent, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, spoke about hangovers, and how to minimize their effects. Of course, the best way to prevent a hangover is (surprise) not to drink at all. But we understand that, for many people, “that ain’t gonna happen.” If you choose to have a […]

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