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Addressing COVID-19, Health Insurers Help Consumers


With quarantine now lasting for months, medical care is increasingly crucial. Confined to home, consumers who have not been infected themselves have still suffered job and income loss. From a late April Census Bureau survey, one-third of Americans are showing signs of clinical anxiety or depression. But health insurers are listening, and responding to COVID-19. […]

Why Mental Health Is Crucial, for Patients and Those Who Care for Them

mental health

As the COVID-19 pandemic grinds on, the death toll is not the only casualty. Healthcare workers who are dealing with the crisis on the front lines face unparalleled stress. Dr. Alex Lee, director of coaching at Ria Health, explains: “I do have more concern around the short-term impact of COVID-19 on mental health. Healthcare workers […]

COVID-19 and Ria Health: What Do I Need To Know?

coronavirus, covid-19

(Note: This article has been updated on July 7, 2020, to reflect the latest information on COVID-19 and Ria Health’s response.) How we are addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19) for our members and partners  Every day, we’re empowering people who want to change their relationship with alcohol to live better and healthier lives. Today, we are […]

A Milestone: Ria Health Is Now Accredited by The Joint Commission

In October 2019, at the company’s San Francisco headquarters, Ria Health underwent a rigorous review by The Joint Commission, the nation’s leading evaluation agency for health care organizations. As a result, Ria has been certified in the Behavioral Health Care category, and awarded the Gold Seal of Approval® for “continuous compliance with the commission’s performance […]

An Entertainment Giant Tackles Addiction and Recovery

tackle addiction and recovery

Recently the veteran industry magazine Variety unveiled The Recovery Issue, a series of 12 articles on addiction in the entertainment world. Reports from people in television, film, music, and theater call attention to the very real issue of alcohol use disorder (AUD) and the process of getting sober. In an article on television shows, Caroline […]

Ria Wins First Prize at Ignite Fire Pitch Competition in Houston

Ria - Jen receives award

Last June, Ria Health’s chief financial officer, Jen Douglas, met the women who run the Ignite Healthcare Network Fire Pitch Competition. Sponsored by the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute and the Texas Halo Fund, the competition recognizes healthcare companies founded and led by women. Over the next few months, Jen spent a considerable amount of […]

Public Image and Private Reality: Celebrities and Alcohol

take control of alcohol

Constantly in the spotlight, triumphs and foibles of celebrities are magnified to the umpteenth degree. And the rise of social media has only increased the scrutiny. Further, many famous people feel obligated to project an image that everything is fine, when sometimes in real life that is not the case. But that “public image vs. […]

How Telemedicine Is Changing Alcohol Treatment

Ria - telemedicine with C Three

People who are ready to reduce or eliminate their alcohol intake are increasingly turning to telemedicine. But not everyone understands what telemedicine is or how convenient it is to use. The C Three Foundation has partnered with Ria Health to explain telemedicine, why it is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to see […]

3 Ways to Become More Self-Compassionate

treat yourself like your best friend

In the third season of the television series Breaking Bad, protagonist Jesse Pinkman winds up in a recovery program for methamphetamine abuse. When his group therapist explains how addiction ruined his life—causing him to kill his six-year-old daughter—Jesse asks how he came to terms with the tragedy. “I did hate myself for a long time,” […]

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