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3 Ways to Become More Self-Compassionate

treat yourself like your best friend

In the third season of the television series Breaking Bad, protagonist Jesse Pinkman winds up in a recovery program for methamphetamine abuse. When his group therapist explains how addiction ruined his life—causing him to kill his six-year-old daughter—Jesse asks how he came to terms with the tragedy. “I did hate myself for a long time,” […]

Talking with Kids About Alcohol: 11 Tips

talk to your kids about alcohol

Teaching kids about alcohol safety can feel as uncomfortable as explaining “the birds and the bees.” But it’s never too early to start the conversation, considering most teens happen upon booze before leaving the nest. Parents can take the first step towards guiding their teens away from alcohol abuse by following these suggestions. 1) Learn […]

Does Alcohol Really Spice Things Up in the Bedroom?

does alcohol spice things up in the bedroom?

Today’s culture is replete with images of alcohol and sex, to the point where romantic occasions seem incomplete without the “lubricant of love.” And where the media is concerned, alcohol is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Think chilled wine to top off anniversaries; glasses of champagne at glamorous banquets; or fruity drinks on bikini-clad beaches. But to what […]

Do You Know Someone in an Occupation with a High Risk of Alcohol Issues?

It’s no secret that some people make drinking a daily routine. The habit can culminate into full-fledged addiction over months or years. But marital strife, financial obstacles, and bickering children aren’t the only factors at play. Some workplace environments act as perfect incubators for addiction. A bad job can encourage on-the-job drinking or push employees […]

The (Simply Explained) Science Behind Hangovers

Some controversies may forever divide our nation: political party preferences, tax rates, how much time kids should spend surfing the web, and the proper pronunciation of “GIF.” (Come on, people, it’s not peanut butter! Ahem.) But, oh yes, there is one thing we can all agree on: hangovers are the worst. If you’ve ever enjoyed […]

Alcohol and Affluence: Are the Poor Really the Heaviest Drinkers?

They say money can’t buy happiness—nor can it guarantee freedom from addiction. If anything, money could even contribute! For decades, Americans have been fed a one-dimensional depiction of alcohol abuse. As a result, most of us share an unflattering mental image of problem drinkers as unkempt winos who, unable to sustain stable careers or relationships, […]

Three Reasons Most Say “No” to Treatment for Addiction

say no to treatment for addiction instead moderate your habits

There are plenty of obvious reasons why problem drinkers forgo treatment for addiction. Some people are unable to afford lush rehabilitation centers, for example, while others have lost faith in conventional programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. Some lack accessibility to an addiction specialist or the resources to visit them.   Nevertheless, the vast majority actually hold back due […]

Does Alcohol Always Make You Pack on Pounds?

does alcohol make you gain weight

These days, weight loss seems downright impossible. After all, today’s dieters are bombarded left and right with conflicting (or ridiculous) information on how to lose those pounds. And the sacrifices required to shed them are enough to make anyone groan—or seek relief in a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, the relationship between alcohol consumption and weight […]

“A Complete Miracle”: How Naltrexone Works on Your Brain

A beloved actress and friend, Claudia Christian once felt utterly hopeless. For years, Christian had been battling a deadly addiction to alcohol, driven by genetics and a history of disordered drinking behaviors. And after seemingly-endless attempts to fix her drinking habits—each proving futile, one after the other—she felt as if she had hit rock bottom. […]

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