How To Replace Your Evening Drink With a Nonalcoholic Drink

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When you’re at home after a long day, it’s nice to unwind with a beverage in hand. The go-to for many is a glass of wine or a mug of beer. However, if you’re trying to quit or cut back on drinking every night, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Here are some nonalcoholic drink ideas to sip, savor, taste, and enjoy.

What to Drink Instead of Wine

Many of us don’t actually crave wine itself, but rather the feeling that comes with it. Uncorking the bottle, pouring a glass and sipping it slowly while you make food, eat dinner, or soak in a tub becomes a kind of ritual for relaxation.

Before finding a substitute for your nightly wine, you might want to search for an activity that delivers a similar feeling of calm and ease. Try running a bath with relaxing essential oils, cooking a meal from scratch, or listening to your favorite music. Treating yourself while you sip your nonalcoholic drink will create a new relaxation routine.

fruit infused water
Fruit Infused Water

Here are some awesome alternatives to your evening glass of wine:

  • Tea: There are countless herbal concoctions to choose from, and the process of making tea can be deeply soothing.
  • Infused water: Add your favorite fruits, berries, and even herbs to water for a revitalizing treat. There are countless combinations to choose from.
  • Flavored sparkling water: With tons of different flavors, you’re sure to find a favorite.
  • Fruit juice and lime: A blend of lime and cranberry, pomegranate, or acai juice in an ice-cold glass makes the perfect tart sipper.
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What to Drink Instead of Beer

Beer is a more communal beverage, and its unique flavor comes in a broad array of styles that can be enjoyed at home. Whether you’re seeking to reduce weight gain from your nightly beer, or you want to quit alcohol altogether, here are some fun alternatives to try:

  • Nonalcoholic beer: For those who truly love the taste of beer, there are far more alcohol-free beer options today than ever before.
  • Coffee: If you love beer culture, give coffee culture a try. Small-batch single-origin beans let you find a brew that matches your exact preferences.
  • Kombucha: This fermented tea drink has many purported health benefits. It does generally contain a very small amount of alcohol, however, so check the label to see the percentage before purchasing.
  • Malta: This lightly carbonated beverage is brewed from some of the same ingredients as beer—barley, hops, and water—giving it a similar appearance, but a flavor all its own.

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